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Current Edition - 6/21/24
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Summer Solstice Fete with Swing, Blues, & Jazz

DATES: SATURDAY, June 22 (Raine date June 23) TIME: 1 to 4 pm

Summer Solstice Fete with Music by the Hot Club of Pepperell
Groton History Center throws open its doors and welcomes the public to a Summer Solstice Party with music, light refreshments, and convivial conversation at the Boutwell House, 172 Main Street, on Saturday, June 22 from 1 to 4 pm. (Rain date, June 23.) All are welcome to this free event.
Music on this summer afternoon will include Jason J-Bob Eisenberg (guitar/vocals) & Dennis Lefty Poitras (bass/percussion) in cahoots with swing/jazz violinist Nick Norman and reed man, Hans Betancourth (saxes/clarinet). Together the quartet promises a cool repertoire of popular and obscure Jazz, Swing, and Blues from the Great American Songbook (1920s -1950) with the occasional Tango.
Inside the exquisitely restored 1851 Boutwell House visitors will discover not only the one-time home of Governor George S. Boutwell (1818-1905) and family but a museum of rare New England antiquities. Among them: paintings by the West Groton native and famed Impressionist Edmund Tarbell (1862-1938); a stunning group of shorebirds, hand-carved by the late Groton School teacher and local conservationist, Harvey Sarggison (1902-1987); a collection of pewter from the original Groton Inn, and much more. Behind the house, Georgie’s Garden (originally conceived by the Governor’s daughter, Georgianna Boutwell (1843-1933) is currently enjoying a renaissance under the care of horticulturist Karen Brackett of Groton. Take time to stroll the paths through graceful lupine and other plantings, sit a while on one of several benches, and enjoy the view of Gibbet Hill—one of Groton’s and the state’s most distinctive geologic features.
The Summer Solstice party is free and open to the public, thanks to the Groton Commissioners of Trust Funds, grants, and corporate and private donations. For more information visit grotonhistory.org; grotonhistory.org/Facebook, or call 978-448-0092. Universal access is available throughout the first floor and gardens.

June 15th Events at Fort Devens Museum

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the Fort Devens Museum is offering a new exhibit "Out of the Locker" in which 25 items from the museum’s collection will be on display for the first time. The exhibit opens on June 15th and will be on display during our regular hours through the summer. While you're checking out the exhibit on June 15th, stop by our Cold War Living History displays celebrating Fort Devens involvement during the Cold War era, 1946-1996. Come and see equipment, mannequin displays, and reenactors in uniform. $5 person/$10 family suggested donation. Used books and militaria for sale. Bring your memories and photos of Fort Devens to share. The museum will be open 10 to 3 on June 15. Regular hours are Tuesdays, Fridays, and the 3rd Saturday of each month (10-3). The museum is located on the 3rd floor at 94 Jackson Road, Devens, and is wheelchair accessible. Visit fortdevensmuseum.org for more information.

NRWA Eco-Adventure Summer Survival Fun Week for 11 to 15 Year Olds

The Nashua River Watershed Association (NRWA) invites 11 to 15 year olds from all communities to participate in our Summer Survival Fun Week, a four-day program based at the NRWA River Resource Center, 592 Main Street (Rt. 119) in Groton, MA. This program will run from Monday June 24th through Thursday June 27th, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day
We’ll venture into the woods, fields, and hills of Groton hiking, tracking, and building shelters. We’ll spend a full day canoeing on the Squannacook River.  During these adventures, participants will learn outdoor survival skills, study local plant and animal life, and engage in team building games.
All activities are guided by NRWA’s professional educators and naturalists, including Stacey Chilcoat, our River Classroom Director. If you love outdoor exploration, new challenges, and making friends, we hope you’ll join us.
The fee for this 4-day program is $300 per person for NRWA members and $330 per person for non-members; $150 per person deposit required.  Pre-registration is required; limited spaces available. Register online today at www.nashuariverwatershed.org, under Upcoming Programs. For more information, please contact Stacey Chilcoat, NRWA River Classroom Director, at (978) 448-0299, or email registration@NashuaRiverWatershed.org.
The Nashua River Watershed Association is a non-profit environmental organization providing water and land protection, climate impact resiliency, and education programs to 32 communities in the Nashua River Watershed.  Learn more at: www.nashuariverwatershed.org.

Learn About Safe Modern Nuclear Energy

Learn more about safe modern nuclear energy at a Zoom meeting with a short movie on Monday June 17th via Zoom from 7-8 pm-ish. Following the movie, ask questions and join the discussion about how nuclear power provides reliable power to the grid. Nuclear power provides 20 percent of baseload electricity to the ISO New England Grid with zero emissions.
"Juice: Nuclear Renaissance '' (24 minutes) by Robert Bryce, starts with Fukushima, and looks back and ahead at the anticipated and realized value to society of nuclear power.
Email econuclearsolutions@gmail.com for the Zoom link to this event.
Based in Ayer, Eco-Nuclear Solutions is a bi-partisan, grassroots group of scientists, environmentalists and activists who advocate for more use of nuclear power to fuel the great electrification. See more at www.eco-nuclearsolutions.org.

MART Van Service

To Arrange a pickup call: (978) 772-8261. The MART van is available five days a week, by appointment only, during Council on Aging (COA) business hours Monday-Friday 9a-3p. At least 24 hours advance notice is needed for an appointment (no same day appointments please!) Charges are $1.00 in Ayer, each stop, and $2.00 each stop out of Ayer.

Pollinator Week is June 17th through 23rd

Pollinator Week is an annual celebration of all the wonderful things pollinators do that was initiated and is managed by Pollinator Partnership, the world’s largest 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of pollinators and their ecosystems. For more information on the Pollinator Partnership and their work, please visit their website: www.pollinator.org
What is a pollinator? A pollinator is anything that helps carry pollen from flower to flower. Some flowers are self-pollinating or rely on wind or water. Other flowers are pollinated by insects and animals such as bats, birds, butterflies, flies, moths, wasps, and bees. Some pollinators, including many bee species, collect pollen intentionally where as others, such as birds or butterflies, collect pollen accidentally. When they visit a flower to drink or feed on nectar in the bloom, they transport the pollen unknowingly from flower to flower— resulting in pollination!
Why plant for pollinators? Whether you’re farming many acres of land or just gardening on a small lot, you can increase the number of pollinators in your area. Take the time to consider your tree, shrub, and plant choices to build a habitat for bees, beetles, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators. Pollinators are often keystone species, which means that they are critical to an ecosystem. The work of pollinators ensures full harvests of crops and healthy plants everywhere.
Planting for Pollinators.  From window boxes to garden beds to acres of farmland, you can create a pollinator habitat anywhere! Get creative and create a container garden if you can’t plant in the ground.  Planting for pollinators doesn't just mean flowers. They need a place to live, too! Create opportunities for nesting to keep your pollinator friends around.  Choose plants that have different bloom times to last throughout the growing season to provide a consistent source of food, water, and shelter.  Plant flowers in a variety of shapes and colors together in clusters to create a “target” spot for pollinators. Not only will your garden be more beautiful for the variety, but did you know different pollinators have color and shape preferences? While bees may prefer shallow yellow or blue blooms, butterflies can be more attracted to narrow, bright red or purple flowers.

Living on a Pond
How to be a Responsible Land Owner

(By Heather Hampson, Town of Ayer Conservation Agent)
It’s finally summer and we are all ready to enjoy those long, warm days outside. For some lucky residents here in Ayer, those days are spent in our yards on the waterfront. Ayer has four ponds that have residential housing on their waterfront: Long Pond, Sandy Pond, Flannagan Pond, and Grove Pond. Long Pond and Sandy Pond are the only two ponds in Ayer that do not have any impartments, Grove Pond has the highest amount of concern and has a strict catch and release policy for all fish. Two of the biggest issues impacting pond health are phosphorous or other nutrients, and invasive plants. If you own a home on the waterfront there are many easy ways you can help us maintain healthy ponds. The first step is taking a look at your landscaping, the loss of natural native vegetation for development and human land use allows for erosion to carry soil, nutrients and other pollutants into the water. The best way to help is to plant a natural landscape of native trees, shrubs, and ground cover buffer along the waters edge. Don’t want a large vegetated buffer? Let your lawn grow an inch or two taller along the edge of the water to help filter out any nutrients or contaminates before they reach the pond. Here in Massachusetts, it is illegal to use fertilizers that contain phosphorus. Fertilizers should only be used when soil tests indicate a need. In addition to fertilizers, many soaps and detergents used in our homes can contribute to the nutrient loads in our ponds. Consider choosing soaps and detergents that are low in or free from phosphates. Pet waste left outside on lawns or along the side of the road also contribute to the nutrient levels in our ponds. Cleaning up after your pet isn’t just part of the Town’s Bylaws, it’s the right thing to do to help keep our waterways healthy. The threat of drought is more common now with climate change. Limiting our water usage will help keep our ponds and other waterways at a healthier level, especially in a time of drought. Planting drought resilient plants or lawns, or installing a rain barrel can help you save water. Clover is a great example of a ground cover that makes for a lush, green lawn that is low maintenance, drought tolerant, and beneficial to pollinators. The Conservation Commission treats ponds yearly for different invasive species and has made progress in treating Flannagan, Sandy, and Pine Meadow Ponds. Did you know that invasive plants can spread from pond to river to stream from your boat? It is important that you wash your boat, canoe, kayak, or paddleboard before and after you place it in the water. Now let’s get outside and enjoy summer on the water!

The Ayer Gaga Ball League is BACK for the 2024 season!

The season starts in August and is open to Ayer residents ages 7-12. For more information or to be added to the mailing list, please email ayergagaball@gmail.com. But wait… what IS Gaga Ball? Gaga Ball is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagonal pit. Similar to dodgeball, the game is played with a soft foam ball and utilizes the skills of running, jumping, dodging, and striking. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. The goal is to hit your opponents below the knees to eliminate them and be the last person standing! The game is fast, fun, and addictive.

Help PACE clean up Grove Pond

Students are eligible for community service hours; everybody is eligible to enjoy paddling on the pond! No experience necessary. Help is needed on the shoreline and in the water, there is a job for everyone! Sign up now at tinyurl.com/2024AyerWCP. PACE (People of Ayer Concerned about the Environment) is a local resident organized and volunteer based environmental group working toward a healthier Ayer since 1997. Every plant pulled prevents the growth of up to 22 new plants next summer!

Annual Mandatory Water Restrictions, May 1st through September 30th

Outdoor water use is only allowed based on odd or even date paired with odd or even house number. (Example: On June 2nd, even numbered houses may water, on June 3rd, odd numbered houses, etc.) Questions? Call the Ayer DPW at 978-772-8240 (Please note the annual water restriction is a State Permit requirement and is not directly related to the amount of water the Town can produce.)

Minimize your risk of tick-borne illness

Friendly reminder from the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health that we live in a Lyme disease hotspot. There are very easy steps you can take to help keep yourself, family, and pets safe from tick-borne illnesses. 1. Stay on the trail! Stick to marked pathways and keep towards the center of the trail when hiking or walking. 2. Wear light colored clothing that fully covers your arms and legs, such as long sleeves and pant legs tucked into socks to minimize skin exposure. It is much easier to spot a tick on a light colored piece of clothing than it is on a darker color. 3. Use insect repellents when outdoors. A repellant with a higher percentage of active ingredient will work longer to prevent tick bites, but don’t forget to reapply if you are outside for a long period of time. Always use insect repellant according to the label instructions. 4. Check yourself, kids, and pets for ticks daily after being outside. Want to learn more about the Nashoba Associated Boards of Health and the work they do? Visit their website www.nashoba.org and find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NashobaBoardsofHealth

Ayer Cultural Council

The Ayer Cultural Council awarded grants for these summer projects: • The Fitchburg Art Museum 88th Regional Exhibition— open June through September • Rockabye Beats concert by Marco Valles at the Ayer Library—June 26th • European Cruise concert by the Nissitissit String Quartet at the Ayer Library—June 26th • Jungle Jim’s Minecraft Madness at the Ayer Library— July 18th
Other projects funded that are happening this year include: • Ayer-Nashua Rail Trail Signage/Kiosk to be placed at the Rail Trail entrance by the Ayer Historical Commission • ASRHS Drama Department Professional Workshops • Open Door Connections at the Discovery Museum in Acton • Build A Flag Woodworking Workshops for Veterans through Clear Path for Veterans in Devens To learn more about the Ayer Cultural Council and how you can get involved please visit www.ayer.ma.us/cultural-council.

Independence in the Ayer Parade & Festival,
Saturday June 22, 2024

Parade starts at 12:30pm
Festival at Pirone Park from 12:00pm to 8:30pm
Movie in the Park at 8:45pm
The parade will step off from St. Mary’s Church parking lot and proceed east down Main Street (towards Downtown) before taking a right onto School Street (just after the Ayer District Court) and continuing down to Pirone Park. Be sure to join us at Pirone Park from 12:00 to 8:30pm for buckets of fun for the whole family! Featuring vendors, food trucks, games and activities, live music and more. Bring your chairs and blankets and make a whole day of it! At 8:45pm, settle in for a Movie in the Park featuring the 1982 award-winning classic, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Join the Independence in the Ayer 2024 Facebook page to see all the exciting things planned! Interested in Volunteering? Contact Amy or Becky! jamesscher@verizon.net, becky.mg@comcast.net

Stormwater Public Information and Input Meeting

Stormwater Utility Advisory Workgroup
June 20th, 2024, 6:00PM
1st Floor Meeting Room, Ayer Town Hall and
Zoom (Meeting ID: 853 6990 0836)
The Ayer Stormwater Utility Advisory Workgroup will host a public information and input meeting to present its evaluation of a Stormwater Utility Fund (Enterprise Fund) for the Town of Ayer. The meeting will be on Thursday, June 20th at 6:00PM and will be a hybrid format -- held in-person at Ayer Town Hall’s 1st Floor Meeting Room and on Zoom.
Background: Ayer Town Meeting passed funding to support the evaluation and development of a Stormwater Utility Fund (Enterprise Fund), to which the Ayer Select Board authorized the Stormwater Utility Advisory Workgroup to complete.
As part of the evaluation, the Workgroup will present its draft rate structure and draft policy that have been developed. The goal of the meeting will be to describe the draft Utility Fund, entertain questions, understand concerns, and other feedback related to the draft Utility Fund.
We strongly encourage you to review the Workgroup’s documents and materials that are located on the Town website.
The public may access the meeting by joining Zoom Meeting ID# 853 6990 0836 or by calling (929-205-6099). For additional information about remote participation, please contact Dan Van Schalkwyk, DPW Director at dvanschalkwyk@ayer.ma.us or 978-772-8240 prior to the meeting.
Jewelry picture of qr code


ACTON: Friends of Acton Council on Aging will be hosting a Jewelry Sale Fundraiser on October 16.  They are currently accepting jewelry donations at the Acton Senior Center Front Desk (30 Sudbury Rd Rear, Acton, MA 01720).  All jewelry is welcome (new, old, single earrings, vintage, you name it!).  Jewelry collected will be sold at the October Jewelry Sale with proceeds used to fund programs and events at the Acton Senior Center. For more information, visit https://friendsofactoncoa.com


Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts is one of 150 local nonprofits that will share in $30 million through Cummings Foundation’s major annual grants program. The affordable housing organization was selected from a total of 715 applicants during a competitive review process. It will receive $50,000 this year for its work in Middlesex County.
Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts (Habitat NCM), formed in 1987, builds and repairs affordable homes in thirty cities and towns along route 2 in north central Massachusetts.  The funds will be used to build new, deeply affordable, and energy-efficient homes and repair existing affordable homes for low-income families in Middlesex County.
“The need for affordable housing has never been greater”, states Carolyn Read, executive director of Habitat NCM. “This funding will help us to build more homes faster for families in western Middlesex county.”
The Cummings $30 Million Grant Program primarily supports Massachusetts nonprofits that are based in and serve Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk counties, plus six communities in Norfolk County: Brookline, Dedham, Milton, Needham, Quincy, and Wellesley.
Through this place-based initiative, Cummings Foundation aims to give back in the areas where it owns commercial property. Its buildings are all managed, at no cost to the Foundation, by its affiliate, Cummings Properties. This Woburn-based commercial real estate firm leases and manages 11 million square feet of debt-free space, the majority of which exclusively benefits the Foundation.
“Greater Boston is fortunate to have a robust, dedicated, and highly capable nonprofit sector that supports and enhances the community in myriad ways,” said Cummings Foundation executive director and trustee Joyce Vyriotes. “The entire Cummings organization is thankful for their daily work to help all our neighbors thrive.”
The majority of the grant decisions were made by nearly 100 community volunteers. They worked across a variety of committees to review and discuss the proposals and then, together, determine which requests would be funded. Among these community volunteers were business and nonprofit leaders, mayors, college presidents, and experts in areas such as finance and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion).
“We believe strongly that grant decisions will be more equitable when made by a diverse group of community members,” said Vyriotes. “We’re incredibly grateful to the dozens of individuals who participated in our democratized philanthropic process.”
The Foundation and volunteers first identified 150 organizations to receive three-year grants of up to $300,000 each. The winners included first-time recipients as well as nonprofits that had previously received Cummings grants. Twenty-five of this latter group of repeat recipients were then selected by a panel of community volunteers to have their grants elevated to 10-year awards ranging from $300,000 to $1 million each.
This year’s grant recipients represent a wide variety of causes, including housing and food insecurity, workforce development, immigrant services, social justice, education, and mental health services. The nonprofits are spread across 49 different cities and towns.
Cummings Foundation has now awarded $500 million to greater Boston nonprofits. The complete list of this year’s 150 grant winners, plus nearly 2,000 previous recipients, is available at www.CummingsFoundation.org.
About Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts
Habitat NCM is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing decent and affordable homes for those who cannot qualify for conventional mortgages, as well as doing Critical Home Repairs throughout the 30-town region. Habitat NCM relies on volunteers to accomplish its mission and is supported only by local funding and donations.
About Cummings Foundation
Woburn-based Cummings Foundation, Inc. was established in 1986 by Joyce and Bill Cummings of Winchester, MA and has grown to be one of the largest private foundations in New England. The Foundation directly operates its own charitable subsidiaries, including New Horizons retirement communities, in Marlborough and Woburn, and Cummings Health Sciences, LLC. Additional information is available at www.CummingsFoundation.org.


Parish Center for the Arts, 10 Lincoln Street, Westford.
Wednesday, June 26 7-9:30pm
Dance your inner spirit in a non-judgmental, non-structured, supportive, respectful environment.
Music provided by DJ Alkemi, a veteran of many freestyle dances around the country.
Smoke and substance-free, 18+. Admission is $10. Some volunteer opportunities are available for event support tasks.
For more information, call 617-799-8680 or email: wefreedancejam@gmail.com


Auditions are upcoming for the Nashoba Players' Fall production of "[title of show]," with music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen and a book by Hunter Bell. The production will be directed by Ken Golner (stage) and Kathryn Denney (music). Auditions are by appointment only, June 24 and 27. Full audition details are available at nashobaplayers.org/auditions.

The Artist Circle of Groton “The Nature of All Things”

The exhibition will run through June 30 with a Wine and Cheese Reception on Friday, June 7 from 6-9pm. The Gallery is open to visitors each Sunday from noon-2pm.  For more information, visit www.pcawestford.org.
The Artist Circle of Groton members Dana Haigh, Claudia Owens, Michelle Ward, and Beth A. Smith proudly present "The Nature of All Things” as a joint exhibition during the month of June. Through the vibrant mediums of watercolor, alcohol inks, and acrylics, these four talented artists have crafted an extraordinary collection of works that pays homage to the boundless beauty of nature's tapestry.
Michelle Ward is a lifelong artist, commercial interior designer and member of the Artist Circle, Michelle Ward received her art degree from the University of Lowell(now UMass Lowell). Working in acrylic, using various tools and methods her paintings explore our natural world in layered color, texture and expressive composition.
Claudia Owens,a watercolor artist, finds inspiration in the enchanting wonders of nature,travels, and the timeless charm of children’s books. With a whimsical touch,she harnesses watercolor’s transparent effects to breathe life into vibrant scenes, each infused with a touch of fantasy. Claudia is a member of the Artist Circle,an elementary art teacher and teaches art to both adults and children at Groton’s Prescott Community Center.
Dana Haigh lives and works out of Groton. She has been obsessed with alcohol inks for the last four years. Instilling some control into this very fluid medium has been a lovely challenge that Dana has enjoyed. Dana is a member NVAG, HAS and teaches classes through the Prescott Community Center.
Beth Smith is a Groton-based self-taught watercolor artist. Her work is inspired by the shapes, light and shadows in natural landscapes.  She is drawn to the beauty of nature, its calmness and solitude and wants to impart those feelings to her audience. Beth has co-chaired the Westford Regional Art Event. and co-founded the PCA’s Gallery. She teaches watercolor classes at Prescott Community Center in Groton.
Don’t miss this unique display of art at the PCA during the month of June!
The PCA Gallery will also be open on June 15 during the Strawberry and Art Festival. Come and meet the artists on June 7 at the reception or at the Strawberry festival!

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT SHOW ANNOUNCED with Tom Richardson & Aaron Bilodeau

WESTFORD: The Parish Center for the Arts (PCA) is focusing on supporting local artists this June. On June 14 at 7:30pm, enjoy an eclectic mix of styles when singer/songwriter Tom Richardson and electronic indie funk artist Aaron Bilodeau take the PCA stage!  Tickets range from $10-$18 and are available by calling (978) 392-6333 or online at pcawestford.org. The PCA is a BYOB & food facility, so pack a picnic and plan out a full evening of entertainment at 10 Lincoln Street in Westford.
Folk-Americana singer-songwriter Tom Richardson found his way back to music after a long, more traditional career. With a style rooted in the 1970’s music of artists such as James Taylor, John Prine, and Glen Campbell, Tom features acoustic guitar over a modern, folk-country, Americana sound. His warm and expressive voice serenades with stories of life, love and longing. Tom’s second act as a musician and actor brings a lifetime of perspective and some wisdom to poignant and vibrant stories of a shared experience.
Aaron Bilodeau is known for his mastery of multiple instruments. He captivates audiences by seamlessly combining singing, bass guitar wizardry and synth manipulation — all performed with a flair that truly sets him apart through his unique blend of electronic indie funk. Aaron has demonstrated his creativity and talent through original works, culminating in the release of four solo albums. His latest, "Drone at Home," showcases his evolving musical vision and experimental spirit. With each performance, Aaron invites listeners into his musical universe, where boundaries are blurred and sonic landscapes are explored with boundless creativity.
When it comes to supporting local arts and artists, it's mutually beneficial. An exchange between artist and audience has rippling positive impacts on the individuals and the communities surrounding them. So visit a Gallery and/or take in a show. Make a donation. It fosters community.  It's good for the economy.  It's good for YOU!
Direct ticket link: https://parisharts.square.site/product/6-14-24-tom-richardson-aaron-bilodeau/179
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ParishCenterfortheArts
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PCAWestford
Instagram: www.instagram.com/pcawestford


The PCA has re-opened its Call for Artists to fill in a couple new exhibition slots. If accepted, artist(s) will display their work as featured "Artist/s-of-the-Month" on the walls of our 10 Lincoln Street location. The PCA provides the exhibition space and guidance, including promotion and marketing. The artist is responsible for sharing promotional efforts, as well as hanging, hosting a reception and/or demonstrations/workshops (requested, but not required), and possible sittings during Gallery open hours. Artists retain 80% of all sales. Interested? Email 6-8 images (.jpg files less than 1mb), a bio & contact information to gallery-manager@pcawestford. org. For each image, include the title, dimensions and media. PLEASE NOTE: If you have already submitted materials, you do not need to resubmit. Questions can also be sent to admin@pcawestford.org.
Deadline for new submissions is JUNE 15, 2024!


The PCA is located at 10 Lincoln Street, right on Westford Common. For information, visit pcawestford.org, call (978) 692-6333, or email to admin@pcawestford.org to receive weekly updates!

The PCA will be wrapping up is 2023-24 season in June after a few more special guest visits:
Everyone loves Aidan Scrimgeour’s annual “Charlie Brown Christmas Jazz Concert,” but Aidan's "Mostly Aidans" trio will be in the house on June 8 at 7:30pm with a Duke Ellington tribute concert to ring in the summer! Tickets range from $10-$25. Visit https://parisharts.square.site/pca-jazz-cafe for more information.
The PCA is focusing on supporting local artists, and on June 14, audiences can enjoy a double bill - an eclectic mix of folk/Americana singer-singwriter Tom Richardson and electronic indie funk artist Aaron Bilodeau! Direct ticket link: https://parisharts.square.site/product/6-14-24-tom-richardson-aaron-bilodeau/179
Closing up the season will be the very talented group The Ruta Beggars. Appealing to traditional and progressive acoustic music fans alike, The Ruta Beggars combine bluegrass and early swing to create a timeless act filled with intricate vocal harmonies, fiery instrumentals, and plenty of fun. Direct ticket link: https://parisharts.square.site/product/6-28-24-the-ruta-beggars/178
Coming this summer will be another year of Concerts-on-the-Common.  Pack up your blankets and chairs, and you’re your picnics for these terrific events coming to Westford Common:
  • July 13 - John Ferullo's Open Mic Night Sampler, 2-5pm
  • July 20 - MOMENTUM (Rain date, July 21), 2-4pm
  • August 3 - Common Picking Mini Bluegrass Festival, noon-7pm
  • August 10 - Ed McCarron (Rain date, August 11), 2:30-4:30pm

    Thursdays, 7-10pm. Bring your instrument and/or voice and join the Sing & Jam fun! $5 suggested cover for drop-in programs. This is an on-going weekly event. Coming up…6/13, 6/20, 6/27, 7/4, 7/11, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, 8/29.

    OPEN MIC NIGHT: June 9th
    Held on 2nd & 4th Sundays in a month at 6:30 pm during the season. Open Mic Night is for all ages and levels of experience. Sing a song, play a tune, or speak your truth. The mic is on and everyone is welcome. Special guests will also stop by for some added fun. $5 suggested cover for all drop-in programs. Future Date: 6/23 (Final event until Fall).

    3rd FRIDAY BLUEGRASS JAM: June 21st
    A community event open to the public, 7-10pm. Bring your banjo, fiddle, voice, or just come to watch  every 3rd Friday in a month! All are welcome and all have a great time. Future Dates: 7/19, 8/16, 9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 12/20.


Many families struggle to offer their children the joyful birthday celebrations they deserve. First Parish Church of Stow & Acton (FPC) and FPC volunteer staff are offering 3 free parties, to occur between July 2024 and June 2025, to families that might not otherwise be able to have a party for a child. The youth at FPC have helped build a party “escape room” chest that’s available for birthday rentals. The parties are best suited for children and youth between 8 and 17. This includes the use of FPC’s Vestry, including tables and chairs for up to 20 people (though the escape adventure is recommended for 5 to 10 participants), and access to a small kitchen. The parties also include an FPC volunteer who will open and close the building and act as “games master” for the escape adventure. Pirate-themed Escape Room in a Chest: ● 12 puzzles to solve (suited to ages 8 to adult) ● A 60- to 90-minute adventure (approximately) ● Teams of 5 to 10 people Typical Party ● 2 hours total ● Up to 90 min in Escape Game ● Remainder of time in Vestry Cafe for any food, cake and beverages you bring. The value of the party is $300 ($250 rent and $50 sexton fee). Low-income families and foster families are encouraged to apply using the URL below. At least one adult must be present throughout the party. Tinyurl.com/FPCpiratebday Applications will be reviewed by FPC’s minister. Requests will be accepted until Saturday, June 15. Recipients of the parties will be contacted by Sunday, June 30, 2024. FPC is located at 353 Great Rd., Stow. Its facilities are wheelchair accessible.


Gallery Sitka announces the exhibition “Summer Launch” by artists Jeanne Borofsky and Kellie Weeks. The public is invited to the free opening reception on Friday, June 7 from 5:30-7:30 pm; there will be refreshments and live music. Featured artists, Borofsky and Weeks, will be in attendance. The show will be displayed through July 9. 
At a Glance
WHAT:  “Summer's Launch” Exhibition and Reception at Gallery Sitka/Shirley
WHEN: Opening Reception Friday, June 7 from 5:30-7:30pm; Show thru July 9. Closed the week of July 4th. Gallery hours: M-W, 9-1 & by appointment or chance.
WHERE: 2 Shaker Rd., D101, Shirley, MA
INFO: Open to all, free admission, GallerySitka.com

Jeanne Borofsky whose studio is in Groton, MA, holds a BFA and MFA and is internationally recognized, with paintings, prints, and drawings in numerous museums and private collections.
A practicing artist for over 50 years, Borofsky makes art with watercolors, oils, encaustics, collages, and prints – traditional, photographic, encaustic, and digital. Borofsky is a member of The Boston Printmakers, the Depot Square Artists, the Monotype Guild of New England, and New England Wax.
Ms. Borofsky states, “Most of my current work is encaustic collage. Encaustic – painting with hot colored beeswax and damar resin – is a medium that was used by the ancient Greeks. I love the way beeswax creates both physical and visual depth and translucency to the work – adding to the mystery and magic I’m trying to convey. Whatever I put into my art, it always includes the joy of creation, the love of art, and the happiness in my ability to create it.”

Kellie Weeks, whose studio is in Fitchburg, received a BFA from Bradford College in 2001. After years of exploring many media, she is now focused on painting with pigment sticks and encaustic. While using encaustics for their insurmountable quality, depth, and brilliancy, Weeks also incorporates dry pigments, metal leaf, shellac, and other mixed media as vehicles to develop a wide lexicon of imagery. Kellie often abstracts elements of nature and her immediate surroundings combining both elements of bold and muted colors. These dynamic compositions lend themselves to stories of relationships and transformations. Kellie’s work has been exhibited nationally in many juried and group shows and is included in both private and public collections.
Weeks offers, “My current work is an exploration in oil and cold wax on panel and delves into the themes of social groups.  It often reflects the feelings of longing, isolation, and loneliness.”

Tamar Russell Brown, Gallery Sitka owner stated, “Gallery Sitka is pleased to host what has become an annual show for Jeanne Borofsky and Kellie Weeks. They were introduced to us in year one of our gallery's life. They have both now been with us for close to 10 years. Since Gallery Sitka is celebrating 10 years this summer, we are thrilled to show these accomplished women to kick off the season!"
Additional information can be found at Gallery Sitka.

About Gallery Sitka
Gallery Sitka™ is a woman-owned and operated art entity with galleries in Newport, RI; Shirley, MA; Saratoga, NY (by appointment); and additional periodic pop-ups around the Northeast. With a focus on abstract art, Gallery Sitka represents the work of more than twenty painters, sculptors, encaustic artists, as well as jewelry designers from New England, New York, Brasil, France and Italy. The Gallery is committed to local art and the creative economy. Gallery Sitka opened in 2014 and has been featured in publications such as Art New England, Newport This Week, NorthCentral Mass.com, Harvard General Store, ChooseNorthCentral.com, among others. For more information visit gallerysitka.com.


Join Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) in 2024 and swim, run or walk to support breast cancer prevention!
MBCC will host its special 25th Anniversary Cape Cod Against the Tide event at DCR’s Nickerson State Park on Saturday, June 8th in Brewster, MA. The weekend after, join MBCC at DCR’s Hopkinton State Park on Saturday, June 15th for Against the Tide’s 32nd year!
MBCC will also host a virtual event from June 8th to June 15th for those who would like to participate in Against the Tide and support the mission of cancer prevention from any location!
Events include USMS-Sanctioned 1-mile swim, 1-mile recreational and competitive swims, ½-mile recreational swim, USATF-Certified 5K and 10K runs, and a 3-mile fitness walk.
In-person participants will receive an event t-shirt, bib, and goodie bag. Prizes will be awarded for the top swim and run finishers of the in-person events. Prizes will also be awarded to the highest fundraising individuals at the in-person events.
Events can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages and abilities. The in-person registration fee is $40 per person per athletic component and the virtual registration fee is $20 per person with the option to participate in one or more events virtually. Visit the MBCC event web page, mbcc.org/swim, to donate to the event and learn how to create or join a team and fundraise for breast cancer prevention.
The funds raised through Against the Tide help to support and expand our community education program Let’s Talk Prevention: Reducing Toxic Exposures, MBCC Webinar Series, and the newly-expanded student environmental health program, Let’s Talk Prevention: Actions You Can Take.
MBCC was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing environmental causes of breast cancer through community education, research advocacy, and changes to public policy.
To learn more about all of the registration options, to join or create a team, and to donate, please visit the MBCC website at mbcc.org/swim or call 508-246-3047.


We are so excited to celebrate Pride 2024 with a full day of programming in partnership with @Pride Worcester on June 23 at Fruitlands Museum, in Harvard MA!
Join us for family-friendly crafts and activities from 10-3 across the Museum. At 4 PM  Award-winning and Billboard-charting artist @Flamy Grant will take the stage for a special family-friendly performance.
In the evening, put on your dancing shoes for Fruitlands' first-ever Pride Tea Dance (21+) with guest DJ Harlow Havoc.
We hope you join us in community and in celebration on the beautiful Fruitlands Hillside. thetrustees.org/event/419148/


WHEN: Tuesday, June 11, 2 PM
WHERE: 108 Littleton Road, Westford, MA
WHAT: Purple Flag accreditation and 10-year anniversary event for Bridges® by EPOCH in Westford.
EPOCH Senior Living, a premier provider of exceptional senior living services throughout the Northeast, announces its memory care assisted living facility, Bridges® by EPOCH in Westford, has earned the Purple Flag for Dementia Care™ accreditation. Purple Flag for Dementia Care™ is an accreditation program that recognizes excellence in caring for people living with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias. Upon receiving the accreditation, providers receive the distinctive purple flag to fly proudly. Bridges® by EPOCH in Westford will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary. CONTACT: Victoria Hochman (914) 762-1900 vicky@thompson-bender.com


On Friday, June 7, 2024, the Worcester Red Sox will welcome the Rochester Red Wings at 6:45pm EST for Indian Heritage Night at Polar Park. The WooSox invite fans to enjoy various aspects of the Indian culture through music, cuisine, entertainment, and ceremonies. Gates open at 5:45 PM and pre-game recognitions will start at 6:15 PM.
On the DCU Plaza, fans can enjoy the sounds of Indian music provided by DJ Raunik as they enter the ballpark. Our on-field celebration of Indian culture will be initiated by a performance by Ekta Dance Academy. From June 7th – 9th, fans can indulge in a variety of authentic Indian cuisine provided by Northborough restaurant, Peppers.
The WooSox thank the India Society of Worcester (ISW) for their support in planning and promoting Indian Heritage Day. ISW strives to form an effective and cohesive group with the objective of retaining, facilitating, and fostering the cultural heritage of India. As one of New England’s most vibrant Indian associations, ISW adds to the cultural diversity of the region and symbolizes a glimpse into Indian heritage for the local Worcester community.
Operated entirely by volunteers that represent all regions of India, ISW will be recognized as the night’s Heart of Worcester.


10:30 - 1:30 PM Ayer Film Society: Double Feature
1:30 - 3:30 PM Stitch Circle
4:00 - 5:00 PM Story Ninja!
2:00 - 4:00 PM Teen Hangout: Drop-In Pronoun Pins
6:00 - 7:00 PM Thriller Book Group: "Everyone Here is Lying" by Shari Lapena
10:30 - 11:15 AM Yoga & Hula Hoop Movement with Emma!
10:30 - 11:15 AM Tot Time!
12:00 - 1:30 PM Historic Fiction Book Group: This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger
10:00 - 11:00 AM Nature Journaling Class for Adults Monthly Meet-Up
4:00 - 5:00 PM Story Ninja!
4:00 - 5:00 PM Lego Club!
10:30 - 11:15 AM Story Time!
10:30 - 11:15 AM Tot Time!
4:00 - 5:00 PM Story Ninja Special: Cookie Decorating!
4:00 - 5:00 PM Summer Concert: Rockabye Beats!
6:30 - 7:30 PM Nissitissit String Quartet
10:30 - 11:15 AM Storytime with Strega Mama: BLUEY!
10:30 - 11:15 AM Tot Time!


Please join PACE and Silent Spring Institute for a Community Forum on Thursday, June 13th, 7:00-8:30 pm, where we will share community-level PFAS blood testing results from the MA PFAS & Your Health Study for Ayer and Hyannis and we will hear from Rep. Dan Sena and a representative for Congresswoman Lori Trahan.  The event will take place at Ayer Shirley Regional High School, both in person and there will be an option to participate remotely.
This meeting is FREE and open to all.  Light refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

DINING FOR A CAUSE at The Pleasant Cafe, Ayer

Take the night off from cooking and come to The Pleasant Cafe at 7 Depot Square in Ayer on  Wednesday, June 12 from 5-8pm to support The Friends of the Ayer Library.
The Pleasant Cafe has generously partnered with the Friends to hold a Dining for a Cause event where they will donate a percentage of all dine in and pick up sales that evening. Help us make this a success by stopping by or picking up your delicious dinner while supporting a great cause. The Friends support the Ayer Library through fundraising which provides museum passes, summer reading programs, adult and children educational events and more!

Happening at the PCA, 10 Lincoln Street, Westford
May 31 at 7:30pm

Frank Santos, Jr. (Comic Hypnotist)
WESTFORD: Be amazed when you and your friends (or strangers) across the room become stars of the show, as Frank Santos, Jr. makes them believe they are singers, dancers and much, much more on May 31 at 7:30pm at the Parish Center for the Arts, 10 Lincoln Street in Westford. This is a rated R performance where the audience becomes the show - a hilarious, energetic and unique event you will never forget! BYOB and snacks for a complete evening of entertainment! Tickets are $20 Members; $22 Non-Members; $25 at the Door (if there are any left). For tickets and information, call (978) 692-6333, or visit www.pcawestford.org.
Frank Santos Jr. has over 20 years of experience. His spectacular display of mind bending antics can turn any skeptic into a fan. His act is always fresh, energetic and unique; no two shows are ever the same. He has appeared at many theaters throughout New England like The Palace Theatre, Colonial Theatre, Capital Center for The Arts, The Wilbur Theatre and many more. He performs regularly at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island, and Treasure Island Casino in Minnesota. Frank has entertained for large corporate events such as Google, Nike, CVS, Blockbuster, and Tyco (to name a few), and has also been featured on ABC numerous times. Direct ticket link:

Chelmsford Quilters Host Quilt Show

Excitement is in the air for this upcoming Quilt Show! And what could be more beautiful than a room filled with hand crafted quilts?! Catch the enthusiasm and attend this local Quilt Show being held May 18 & 19 at Chelmsford Senior Center, 75 Groton Road (route 40) in North Chelmsford, MA. Show hours are Saturday 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
The show features over 100 Traditional, Modern, and Art quilts made by members, a Members Boutique, Silent Auction of Mini Quilts, Themed Raffle Baskets, Quilting Demonstrations, and More! Show Vendors are Bits ‘n Pieces Quilt Shop of Pelham NH and blade sharpener National Sharpening Company. This year, our Charity Quilt Raffle will benefit Lowell Transitional Living Center.
Admission is $10 and free for children under 12; cash or check only as we are unable to accept credit or debit cards. Building is wheelchair accessible with plenty of free parking.
The group's Quilt Shows are held every two years and are always a highlight of Guild programming. If you are in the area, this show is a “must see” event!
For more information, visit  www.chelmsfordquiltguild.com

ShirleyFest will be held on Shirley Center Common, Saturday June 1st  from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Besides having a lot of entertainment, kids activities, and sales, the day also gives folks a chance to purchase lunch or supper from many local non-profit organizations. The Shirley Historical Society will sell BBQ chicken and salads. Trinity Chapel will bake pies. Boy Scout Troop 7123 will cook up sausages and ShirleyArts! will grill hot dogs and hamburgers. The Fabulous Five will have lemonade and popcorn. Supporting these groups supports our town. The Friends of Hazen Library, the Fort Devens Museum, the Hindu Temple, the Shirley Meetinghouse, and Shirley Greenway will have information booths. Shirley Penguins will sponsor the dunk tank.
At the crafts tables you will find jewelry, woodwork, windchimes, photos, soaps, paintings, house décor, and greeting cards.
Bring a lawn chair or picnic blanket and stay for the whole day.

Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast and Fundraiser for the Groton Grange #7 Brad Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund.

May 27,2024 from 7:30 to 10:30 am at Groton Grange #7, 80 Champney St. All proceeds from the breakfast go to the scholarship fund.
Live music will be provided by the Contra Banditos. Parking is allowed on the Grange side of Champney St only.
Pancakes (plain, chocolate chip, blueberry), sausage, maple syrup, orange juice, tea and coffee. $10./all you can eat. Children under 3 are free. Please join us rain or shine.

New England Contra Dance

Saturday, May 25, from 7:30 - 10:00 PM
Groton Grange #7 invites you to our traditional New England Contra Dance on Saturday, May 25, from 7:30 - 10:00 PM, at Historic Groton Grange
Hall, 80 Champney Street. This will be an evening of live music and dancing with Groton's own Contra Banditos, along with caller Dudley Laufman,  who will teach traditional New England style contra, square, and line dances to the beat of old time fiddle tunes. Beginners are welcome, no experience or partner is necessary. Suggested donation at the door is $5.00  per person,
Children under 3 years old are free, and family maximum is $20.  Made possible by a grant from the Town of Groton lecture Funds. Refreshments are provided. PARKING ALLOWED ONLY ON THE GRANGE SIDE OF CHAMPNEY ST.

“The Ammo Dump: A Taking of Heritage” Saturday, May 18

What if you received a knock on your door tonight and were told you had to leave? You had no more than a month to do so, and you could only take what was not nailed down. Eighty Massachusetts families faced that predicament on March 25, 1942. The Ammo Dump: A Taking of Heritage tells their story.
Join us at 1:00 on May 18 at the Fort Devens Museum for an afternoon of local lore and history with the authors of The Ammo Dump. Co-authored by Maynard historian Paul Boothroyd and his sons Paul Boothroyd, Jr. and Todd Boothroyd, the book explores the U.S. Army's seizure by eminent domain of some 3,100 acres of land spanning Maynard, Stow, Sudbury and Hudson in the spring of 1942.
At the breakout of World War II, the U.S. government required four square miles to create an ammunition depot. The purpose was to create this munitions storage at a distance from Boston harbor, so that if German battleships appeared off the Massachusetts coast, the munitions facility would be too far inland to be shelled from the sea. An extensive network of railroad tracks and widely spaced 'bunkers' (earth-covered warehouse buildings) would hold munitions until ships docked at harbor to take on supplies for transportation to Europe. Eminent domain was ordered, and the land taken, forever. However, that's only the surface of the tale...
Explore the who, how, and why. Learn about close-knit families in Maynard, Stow, Sudbury, and Hudson, Massachusetts, who lost their farms, their livelihoods. They not only had to find new places to live and work, they had to deal with the loss of all they had built.
The Fort Devens Museum is located at 94 Jackson Road, Devens, MA, on the third floor and is wheelchair accessible. The museum is open on May 18 from 10 AM to 3 PM with the program at 1:00.  This event is free and open to the public with donations gratefully accepted. Thanks to the Harvard Cultural Council. More information at www.fortdevensmuseum.org.
Water chestnut

3rd Annual Water Chestnut Pull

Announcing the 3rd Annual Water Chestnut PULL at Grove Pond in Ayer For the past two years, volunteers have made a huge impact to clear the very invasive, fast growing European water chestnut from the beautiful Grove Pond in Ayer. Year three is starting and we invite you and your family to join us! If you didn't have a chance to help last year, no worries, No experience is needed; we provide everything. All we need is YOU! Details and signup are at tinyurl.com/2024AyerWCP. Laurie Nehring, Ayer resident, who has coordinated the project since the beginning, suggests, “this is a great project to bring the whole family. High school students will receive community service credit and kids over the age of 12 are welcome, as long as they’re accompanied by an adult. We provide training and all participants are required to wear a life jacket.” New this year is a Kick-off on Saturday, May 11, 9am-2pm. Join us all day, or for some portion of the festivities and win a gift bag (courtesy of Ayer businesses) for signing up early! Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to sign up for a Pull session for your employees. If the times listed at tinyurl.com/2024AyerWCP are inconvenient please contact PACEAyer@gmail.com to make arrangements. Liability insurance is covered through the American Canoe Association, funded through the Nashua Rivers Wild and Scenic Stewardship Council. Those who volunteer 3 or more times in 2024 will be offered full membership in ACA with great benefits. Laurie reminds those who want to help but don’t love being on the water that “shoreline help is incredibly valuable -and really messy!- and makes the work of pulling about 50% more efficient. To help onshore please sign up at tinyurl.com/2024AyerWCP. ” We look forward to hosting another successful season of pulling this Spring and Summer and look forward to your participation to help make it happen!

Summer Kick-Off Carnival

The Rotary Club of Littleton, MA is proud to introduce their first annual Summer Kick-Off Carnival in Littleton from June 20-June 23. Produced by Fiesta Shows, the Carnival will offer the latest and newest in rides and games. Food will be available from several vendors, starting with a Sal’s Pizza Food Truck. Entertainment during the weekend will be DJ’d music as well as live music, a karaoke night, and a magic show for the kids (young and old) on Sunday. The Rotary Club will also have a Beer Garden at the Carnival for visitors 21+ years of age and older.
The Carnival will be located near Littleton Common, on the site of the former IBM campus at the intersection of Routes 119 and Route 2A. Carnival hours are Thursday, June 20, from 6 PM-10 PM; Friday, June 21, from 6 PM -11 PM; Saturday, June 22, from 1 PM–11 PM; and Sunday, June 23, from 1 PM-9 PM.
The Rotary Club of Littleton will have a table at the Carnival to register participants and volunteers for the Appleman Triathlon (which will be taking place on July 21). Stop by to meet some of the Littleton Rotarians, see what Rotary is about, learn how to become a Rotarian, and look at what the Club has done to help others over the past year. This is a great family event, with something for everyone. Please help us spread the word before the Carnival, and stop by our table when you’re there to say hello!
Proceeds from this event will benefit Littleton’s TREAD (Tax Reduction for the Elderly and Disabled) Program and other local non-profits.
For more information, contact Chris Alphen, Club President, at chris@debsbeds.org, or visit the Rotary Club's website at https://portal.clubrunner.ca/3691. And stay tuned for more information about the Carnival and the entertainment!

Food Preservation Workshop

Groton Grange #7, 80 Champney St.. 11:15 AM-2:00 PM, Saturday, June 1st
Water bath and pressure canning, fermenting, dehydrating, vacuum packing, root cellaring, dry storage, equipment use and care demo, care of preserved foods. Interested older children welcome. Please register : fisherclio@yahoo.com Parking on Grange side of Champney street only.

Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast and Fundraiser for the Groton Grange #7 Brad Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund.

May 27,2024 from 7:30 to 10:30 am at Groton Grange #7, 80 Champney St. All proceeds from the breakfast go to the scholarship fund.
Live music will be provided by the Contra Banditos. Parking is allowed on the Grange side of Champney St only.
Pancakes (plain,chocolate chip, blueberry),sausage, maple syrup,orange juice, tea and coffee. $10. all you can eat. Children under 3 free.

Groton Grange #7 invites you to our traditional New England Contra Dance

on Saturday, May 25, from 7:30 - 10:00 PM , at Historic Groton Grange Hall, 80 Champney Street. This will be an evening of live music and dancing with Groton's own Contra Banditos, along with caller Dudley Laufman, who will teach traditional New England style contra, square, and line dances to the beat of old time fiddle tunes. Beginners are welcome, no experience or partner is necessary. Suggested donation at the door is $5.00 per person, children under 3 years old are free, and family maximum is $20. Made possible by a grant from the Town of Groton lecture Funds.

Brunch Fundraiser to Support DSVN
(Domestic Violence Services Network, Inc.)

Celebration of Hope Benefit
Saturday, May 18th, 11:00am-2:00pm
The Barn at Gibbet Hill
Enjoy Brunch in the Rustic Elegance and Celebrate...
Hope, Connections, & Community Partnerships
Tickets $100 per person (Ticket price covers the cost of brunch, drinks, dessert, entertainment, and rental fees)
To Reserve Tickets: Visit DVSN.org/Benefit2024 or call 978-318-3421 for more information. Help Us Reach Our Fundraising Goal: $100,000

THE CANNON THEATRE Proudly Presents “Alice By Heart”

Devens, MA: The Cannon Theatre is thrilled to present Alice by Heart, written by Steven Sater and Jessie Nelson’s with music by Duncan Sheik and directed by Shawn Cannon. It is 1942, and a young woman named Alice Spencer uses the Lewis Carroll stories to escape the horrors of the bombings in London. During one curiously terrible evening in the bunker, her best friend Alfred is diagnosed with incurable tuberculosis and a Red Cross nurse rips apart her favorite book, Alice In Wonderland. This pushes Alice over the edge, and since she has learned the stories by heart, retreats into her fantasy world, dragging the dying Alfred with her. This much anticipated musical is from the creators of Spring Awakening. Full of whimsy, gorgeous songs, inventive dances, and fun characters, this de-constructed version of Alice in Wonderland is sure to delight you and hit the heartstrings. You don't want to miss it. Show times are May 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, and 25 at 7:30 pm, with matinees on May 19 and 26 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are available at www.thecannontheatre.org, and are $25 for adults, and $20 for students/seniors.

The Cannon Theatre is an intimate, non-profit community theater newly installed at 28 Andrews Parkway in Devens, MA. The theater’s 2022 move from Littleton and interior space renovation was made  possible by very generous funding from The Elizabeth B. McGraw Foundation, as well as donated work by Studio J2 (architect) and Frank Harrigan (structural engineer). Additional support is provided by the Community Foundation for North Central Massachusetts, and the Local Cultural Councils of Acton-Boxborough, Ayer, Groton, Harvard, Littleton, Lunenburg, Marlborough, Townsend, Templeton, and Shirley - local agencies which are supported by Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Loaves & Fishes Announces Spring Into Action 5K to be held on
Sunday, May 5th

Fundraiser Benefits Individuals and Families in 7 Local Communities Devens, MA – Loaves & Fishes, a food pantry dedicated to providing nutritious food to people in need who reside in Ayer, Devens, Dunstable, Groton, Harvard, Littleton and Shirley, will be holding its annual Spring Into Action 5K on Sunday, May 5, 2024. This is one of the biggest annual fundraising events for Loaves & Fishes and is one of several events commemorating the organization’s 40th anniversary. The event begins at 1 PM on Sunday, May 5th, at Rogers Field, Devens (with parking near The Bob Eisengrein Community Center, 100 Sherman Ave., Devens). Pre- registration is strongly recommended. There is an initial $25 entrance fee; however, participants are encouraged to seek sponsorships. All donations benefit Loaves & Fishes and will be used to help the organization continue to provide food in an atmosphere of kindness and respect to people in need. Gold Sponsors for 2024 include: AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology, Enterprise Bank, FBS Tire Recycling, Gervais Ford, Murphy Insurance Group, CPF, Inc. and Lazaro Paving. To register, sponsor, donate, or learn more, go to https://lfwalk.org/.