Advertise With Us

Why Choose to Advertise With The Action?

Your advertising dollars are valuable, and we know that.  With SO many places where you can invest those dollars promoting your company, why should you choose  The Action?  Simply put:
  • The Action boasts ~ 50,000 papers delivered to households EVERY WEEK (not including dropbox pick-up locations);
  • The Action permits you the option of targeting specific towns/regions;
  • The Action allows you to change your ad each week (if you want to) so you can work with the fluxuations in your business;
  • The Action will print AND sort your inserts AND take care of the mailing FOR you;
  • The Action has an in-house, award-winning design team who will customize your ads for you (at no additional charge);
  • The Action will assign you your own Sales Rep who will stay in touch to help coordinate all of your advertising needs;
  • The Action is a one-stop shop for print, media and online promotional opportunities, including:

Print Ads & Promotional Imagery
(including inserts, fliers, postcards, etc.)

Online Ads & Features
(including web, Facebook campaigns & more)

Whatever it is your company or organization needs, we will work with you to make it happen.