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Here’s how it works... Readers NOMINATE their favorite local Non-Profits. After review, the Action will POSTS a selection of nominated organizations on our website and Facebook pages for readers/viewers to VOTE on. They who receive the most votes will receive a full profile in the paper and online, along with a free 1/4 PAGE AD in ALL SEVEN papers to help broaden the organization’s visibility!

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May Vote Deadline: 6/23/23

Congratulations to The Action's May Non-Profit Notation Winner,
Starting in 1989, Meredith Marcinkewicz had a group called Shirley Children’s Theater, based mostly at the Lura A. White School. They performed plays, concerts and musicals at various locations around town. By the fall of 2004 a group of supporters came up with a name, set goals, wrote bylaws, and SHIRLEYARTS! became a non-profit corporation. Since then, they have continued to do shows, Christmas Concerts, summer musicals, music and movement classes and other activities for the community. 

Think ShirleyArts! should be the top non-profit this month?  Email why you think so!
I vote for Shirley Arts because they accepted my disability and they have challenged me to become a better performer.
— Mary C.
I would like to vote for ShirleyArts! Because they are an all inclusive organization who brings so much to the community by giving the opportunity to anyone who wants to be involved and providing affordable entertainment to their community. They also raise money and donate time to their community. They are a wonderful group.
— Terrie H.
I vote for ShirleyArts. They are all inclusive. Everyone is welcome
— Kathy E.
ShirleyArts! serves as the glue that holds Shirley’s cultural community together. Professionally run, open to all, and with a wide range of opportunities for participation, this organization is the best!
— Dina S.
Yaas ShirleyArts! Inclusive, kind, and energetic. Many opportunities for participation in The arts for the whole region.
— Veronica L.
Why my vote for ShirleyArts? ShirleyArts has been around for many years providing access to the arts for Shirley and the towns around it. As an inclusive group everyone gets a chance to perform, sing, act, dance, play the bells, and so on. ShirleyArts plays have has 3 generations of family members in the same show on multiple occasions. During COVID, ShirleyArts was able to provide online entertainment when in person wasn't available. ShirleyArts also supports many other events, ShirleyFest, the town tree lighting, and a yearly Christmas concert to name a few. 
— Roy E.
They are a wonderful, welcoming community of artists who help build the arts throughout the area.
— Katie B.
Since its founding in 1983, the WESTFORD CHORUS has transcended the boundaries of community chorus by performing diverse and challenging works. The Chorus has sung with orchestral backup, 18-piece swing bands, and eclectic world music groups such as Urban Myth. The Westford Cultural Council presented a 2019 Certificate of Recognition to the Chorus "In Recognition of excellence in the arts and community service".

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I vote for Westford Chorus…a great group!
— Rosemarie K.
THEATRE WITH A TWIST has been created to encompass a variety of theatre modalities which include, but are not limited to, musical theatre, improvisation, drama and storytelling. The organization is developed for individuals of all ages and will have an educational component with each project.

Think Theatre With a Twist should be the top non-profit this month?  Email why you think so!
My son has been a performer with the theater for over 9 years and has built friendships and confidence!
— Meredith C.
Both of my neurodiverse kids have found a home there.  Even when they struggle working with their peers, or to follow directions in a long rehearsal, the directors and staff at the theatre work with us to find ways to keep them involved and engaged in what they are doing, and accept them for who they are.  Every child who auditions gets a part, and when they first find out their parts and read through the script together, the director shares why each child's role is important and special.  Every child walks around feeling proud of their role.  It really brings that community feel to each production.  We are about to see the 7th production my kids have been in in the last few years, and they are already talking about which shows they want to do next school year.  
— Rochelle R.
My nomination for best non-profit is Theatre With a Twist, which provided my disabled son with years of opportunities to act and sing on stage.
— K.W.
I think Theatre With a Twist is an amazing place where kids can have lots of fun and learn how to act in a great way.
— Sacha V.
My daughter has had wonderful experiences at Theatre with a Twist. Our family is really excited to have this space where she can express herself through dance, song, and drama.
— Sage V.
A fine art gallery, a concert hall, and a dance hall, PARISH CENTER FOR THE ARTS offers many ways to celebrate the fine and performing arts in a convenient and family-friendly venue. Built in 1829, this historic space is charming, intimate - and there isn’t a bad seat in the house! A volunteer-run organization, they receive no government funding for operations – we are funded by donations, event revenues, and private rentals.

Think Parish Center for the Arts should be the top non-profit this month?  Email why you think so!
PCA provides a fabulous space for our electric acoustic jam every Thursday from 7-10.
— Susie C
PCA is a wonderful organization. They offer a variety of visual and performing arts options to the greater community and have many regular programs as well.  It is also a very rewarding place to volunteer.
— Sara W.
I would like to nominate The Parish Center for the Arts in Westford, MA. Outstanding organization supporting local Artists and Musicians through a broad range of events, shows and community based programs. Some of the best local live smaller music production you’ll find in this area. The Art shows include the very popular Westford Regional Art Event, open to all Artists and local Artist of the Month where Artists can submit through application a request to display their work for a monthly showing. There are numerous family and teen oriented programs as well as many programs for children. It’s a wonderful magical place and we are lucky to have this kind of place in town.
— Rebecca H.
The PCA brings the community together through many live arts events like open mics, jazz jams, art exhibits, and concerts. It’s an awesome organization!
— Raj P.
The PCA supports the arts! They offer artists in the community a variety of opportunities to display their artwork! My husband and I shared our work there 5 years ago. In the large Westford Regional Art Event, I won an award…before Covid.
— Janet H.
For more than twenty years the PCA has made Westford center vibrant with music, drama, and art. The PCA also provides a venue for a wide range of classes. God bless the PCA and all who sail in her.
- Alice P.
My vote is for the PCA in Westford which brings such a variety of different and interesting forms of art to Westford and the surrounding area. It’s one of the things I love about living in Westford.
— Patricia D.
Great place, wish them continued success.
— Rachel B.
History of winning non-profits:

May'23 - Maynard Education Foundation, Maynard
April' 23 - The Nature Connection, Concord
March'23 - Buddy Dog, Sudbury
February'23- Fresh Start Furniture Bank, Hudson
January'23 - Cannon Theatre, Devens

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