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February Vote Deadline: 2/17/23

Congratulations to The Action's January Non-Profit Notation Winner, The Cannon Theatre in Devens!
OPEN TABLE’s mission is to end hunger in our local community by providing healthy food in ways that respect the dignity and diversity of those served: Offering a wide variety of healthy and culturally appropriate food choices in our pantry and meal programs; Engaging a team of diverse, committed and passionate staff and volunteers. We believe that people should not be hungry. We recognize that economic, racial and gender inequality are the main drivers of food insecurity. We welcome our neighbors in need with compassion and respect. We strive to end hunger by addressing with our partners the systemic causes and immediate impacts of food insecurity.
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ACTON FOOD PANTRY has been providing food to residents-in-need in Acton and surrounding towns since 1984. Acton Community Supper and Food Pantry, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1984 to help alleviate food-insecurity in Acton and its contiguous towns - Boxborough, Concord, Carlisle, Littleton, Maynard, Stow and Westford.
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Since July 2019, Living Water Fellowship in Ayer has been the home for STONE SOUP KITCHEN. The aim was to help provide a gathering place for anyone from the surrounding communities to get together, eat & fellowship. It is a mandate of every believer to help those who need it. As in the "Stone Soup" story, the whole town shares a delicious pot of soup (minus the stone, of course), and they have also learned a valuable lesson about the joys of sharing.

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Stone Soup Kitchen does amazing work in our community to help folks generally overlooked by society. In addition to providing homemade hot meals in a welcoming "family" setting to anyone who needs it, they also make counseling and recovery programs available in a familiar, safe space.
Heather P., Ayer
Stone Soup Kitchen in Ayer was started several years ago, providing a weekly meal and some groceries to a small number of homeless people in Ayer. Since the pandemic it has grown exponentially and now provides a weekly meal and food pantry for as many as 50(+) families. In addition it provides educational opportunities, support groups, and social opportunities. Wonderful grass roots organization that needs support.
— Lydia M.
A unique "food pantry" that is so much more- educates - builds community- meets folks where they are, and ministers to them without judgement.
— Marcia C.
Stone Soup Kitchen has provided so much food and so many services to those struggling in the Ayer area.  Cyndi Lavin is a wonder at coordinating food collection and distribution and volunteers plus added events of a social or helping nature. 
— Nancy B., Groton
Stone Soup Kitchen does such essential work in our community!
— Brian S., Shirley
I'd do it 100 times if i could!
— Nicole T.
They deserve all the support they can get.
— Peter Lavin
Cyndi and her volunteers do a great job. Anyone can come to Stone Soup. There aren’t any questions about income or residency. They not only offer a food pantry, but they also have a home cooked meal every Friday night. Cyndi has networked with area farms to get fresh food in season. Besides feeding those in need, they offer many educational and recreational activities and therapeutic groups. There are fresh baked cookies and home made greeting cards to let people know they are not forgotten and that the community sees them and cares about them. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect. No one gets paid and everyone works very hard. I could go on and on. I can’t say enough about their organization and I hope you will recognize them. 
— Alison E.
One vote for Stone Soup!  Cindy does amazing work!
— Ned C.
Stone Soup is a precious gem!
— Paula S.
I have know Cyndi Lavin for many years and have also eaten some of the yummy food she has made. She and all of the volunteers who work at Stone Soup Kitchen in Ayer are amazing. They do such a wonderful job serving the community.
— Beth K.
I would like to nominate Stone Soup because of their support and services for those less fortunate. With rising costs all over and possibly looming lay offs this is an outstanding resource for our area.
— Melanie P.
Stone Soup Kitchen in Ayer delivers more than food, they deliver hope and self respect. Build individuals up so they can stand tall on their own.
— Janet P.
Stone Soup Kitchen is a great nonprofit that engages in the community, offers food to people, has meetings for people with alcohol issues, has craft making meetings and various other options. Stone Soup Kitchen is there for the community and the community is there for Stone Soup Kitchen. They have my vote.
— Denise P.
The Stone Soup Kitchen along with Cyndi Lavin & all her helpers is a Godsend to the community
— Denise S.
My vote is for Stone Soup kitchen!! They do a fabulous job helping the community!
— Lisa D.
FRESH START FURNITURE BANK is a volunteer-run charity that helps restore hope, dignity & stability in their community by recycling donated furniture & housewares, for free, to people in need. Their secondary goal is to keep these items out of the waste stream. They have only one employee, but their volunteers regularly put in over 16,000 hours of service per year.

Think Fresh Start Furniture Bank should be the top non-profit this month?  Email why you think so!
I vote for Fresh Start Furniture! I volunteer there myself. It is a great place to volunteer and they help  out so many people in need!
Nomi M.
Fresh Start Furniture Bank gets my vote! And I have worked there as a volunteer for seven or more years and it’s the most amazing and deserving organization I can think of.
— Mary W.
I make a point to drop my reusable items to them because when I go, it never ceases to amaze me the hard work I see happening all around the store. While donations are being accepted, other volunteers are loading clients' vehicles with other donors' furniture & housewares. All these donations are given to clients for free. You can see your donations being put to work. It's heartwarming & rewarding.
— Jacqueline G., Hudson
They help so many of our neighbors in need.  Without these volunteers handing out items where would families receive free furniture, beds, kitchen items and linens.  
— Sue W.
Fresh Start Furniture Bank gets my vote because it helps our most valuable and precious commodity – people.  Generous folks from Hudson and surrounding areas save landfills by donating their furniture/linens/housewares and Fresh Start then repurpose these items for those who need it – all for free to those in need, Whether it be refugees from Afghanistan to Ukraine who come to the U.S. to individuals overcoming addictive and abusive situation. All these groups may come from different starting points, but all these groups – no matter where they have been – have one thing in common – their experiences in their own lives, to survive their own personal “wars” with the goal being able to eventually not only survive with dignity, but thrive with dignity as well.
— Colleen M.
Another strong vote for Fresh Start Furniture Bank. I have been volunteering there for 8 years. Fresh Start provides dignity and hope to our clients, many are coming from very difficult circumstances and having a furnished apartment goes a long way providing dignity to people.
— Bob V.
They aid many types of people without prejudice. 
— Tina R.
An organization serving immigrants, veterans, domestic violence survivors, families leaving shelters and others needing the basics for a home. The most vulnerable are treated with dignity and offered hope for a “Fresh Start”.
— Mary R.
I'd like to nominate Fresh Start Furniture Bank because they use a smart and efficient business model to help people seeking a fresh start to get the furniture and supplies they need - helping those who have struggled in their life and are seeking a new beginning.
— Beth C.
I vote for Fresh Start, a wonderful place to volunteer!  Fresh Start helps people from all over MA, providing everything from furniture to housewares to art to make an apartment a home!
— Ellen T.
On a tiny budget, helping hundreds of families in need. Last year they gathered and donated over 22,000 pieces of furniture and kitchen goods!
— Josh C.
Fresh Start helps so many people who would not be able to furnish their new home. So many folks are coming out of homelessness and really heed a fresh start. 
— Kate H.
Best food pantry.  They serve 21 towns fresh food, prepared meals and more! 
— Jill T.