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Words Galore

When: Jun. 9, 10:00AM
Where: Acton Senior Center via Zoom


ACTON: Thursdays. Open to out-of-town seniors/free. Join Val Walker via Zoom for new session of this fun and lively hour of word play and brain twisters—a logophile’s paradise!  Learn new words, explore the history of old words and delve into the origins of words. Enjoy limericks, riddles, famous quotes, puns, and fascinating trivia about trendy words. Play guessing games with the dictionary and words-within-word games. Contact the COA at seniorcenter@actonma.gov or 978-929-6652 to register.

Taking Better Pictures Smartphone or Digital Camera with Steve McGrath

When: Jun. 15, 9:00AM
Where: Acton Senior Center, 30 Sudbury Road Rear


ACTON: Wednesdays. Open to out-of-town seniors/$20 for series. This class is dedicated to helping you understand how to create great images on your phone, what editing apps to use, and how to share and print your images. Join Steve as he goes over how to use essential controls on your phone along with the best free and low-cost tools for editing and image management. You are also welcome to participate using your digital camera. Make sure your device is fully charged for each class. Classes on June 22nd and July 6th will be offsite, to Acton Arboretum and another location TBD. Registration is required as space is limited: seniorcenter@actonma.gov or 978-929-6652.