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Richard Higgins' Photography Exhibit at Concord Free Public Library

When: Jun. 29, 9:00AM
Where: Concord Free Public Library, 129 Main Street


CONCORD:The Concord Free Public Library is featuring an exhibit of Richard Higgins’s photographs of trees through November 30.“An Eye for Trees, in Thoreau's Concord and Today” is in the library art gallery. It is free during library hours, which are 9am-9pm, Monday through Thursday,  9am-6pm Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 1-5 pm Sunday. Higgins, the author of Thoreau and the Language of Trees, said it was inspired by Thoreau’s way of seeing trees, which combined poetic insight with keen observation. Most of the 40 photographs depict common trees in Concord and surrounding towns. Higgins said he took many of the photographs in winter, when snow and ice transform trees and disclose them anew.“If there’s an artistic aesthetic, it’s finding beauty in the familiar and ordinary—a skill Thoreau  developed to a high degree,” said Higgins, a writer and editor who lives in Concord. For more information, visit www.concordlibrary.org.