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Building Committee Examines Outdated Public Safety Facilities

BOXBOROUGH: Boxborough’s Building Committee (BBC) is charged with upgrading the town’s fire and police facilities to serve the town’s needs through 2050. At the BBC’s meeting April 12, discussion focused on a variety of challenges.

In February, Context Architecture, specialists in public safety facilities, confirmed the BBC’s 2015 conclusion that the town’s fire and police stations are undersized for housing of equipment, lacking in working space, and not Americans with Disability Act-compliant.

The Context study projects a need for six more public safety personnel by 2050, requiring less than three percent more space. The largest space increase is needed for storing essential equipment, supplies, and records.

The BBC is looking at possible locations for building a new fire station or a combined fire and police station. A dozen site possibilities along Mass Ave are not adequate; one such site is under investigation. A Stow Road site may be useful if the Housing Board decides not to use it for housing.

The BBC has asked Context to examine the possibility of renovating and expanding the current police station, to see if police functions can remain where they are.

For an overview of Boxborough public safety operations and estimates of staff and space needs, go to
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Boxborough Housing Board Discusses use of Stow Road Land

BOXBOROUGH: At its April 13 meeting, the Boxborough Housing Board (BHB) discussed what kind of housing might be developed on the Stow Road property near Massachusetts Avenue. The board voted to seek advice from Metro West Collaborative Development, which gives housing assistance to Boxborough, and is a member of the Assabet Regional Housing Consortium.

Channing Wagg, who heads the board’s affordable housing task force, said that it might be possible to build 25-30 housing units at 70-72 Stow Road. BHB Chair Al Murphy explained that the land is held by the BHB on the condition that it be used for affordable housing. He added that use of the land may require changes to zoning restrictions.

The board will ask Metro West to look at what kind of housing might be appropriate in Boxborough, such as homes for older people who are downsizing, first-time homeowners looking to stay or settle in the town, disabled people, low- and moderate-income households, and a socioeconomic mix of families.

Wendy Trinks, the town’s Community Services Coordinator, told the board that Boxborough’s Rental Assistance Program is working at capacity, supporting 14 families. To renew the program with Community Preservation Act funding, the board is presenting an article for approval at Annual Town Meeting, which begins on May 8.

BHB member Korinne Stevens described the board’s progress in designing an affordable housing preservation program to help owners keep deed restricted homes in good condition with financial help for repairs and energy efficiency.
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Boxborough Holds Open Space & Recreation Plan Public Forum

BOXBOROUGH: The Open Space and Recreation Plan public forum took place on April 12 at Boxborough Town Hall, with 16 residents in attendance. The forum was moderated by the Town Planner Alec Wade, with assistance from Recreation Commission Chair Megan Connor and Conservation Commission Chair Liz Markiewicz. 

Wade began by explaining, “Open Space and Recreation Plans are a tool through which a community plans for the future of its conservation and recreation resources. OSRPs are informed by a thorough public participation process and reflect the needs of its community members.” Wade added that although he is relatively new to the position, he is very familiar with Boxborough and remembered fondly his time playing baseball at Flerra Field.

The Town Planner then gave an overview of the draft of Boxborough’s Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP), created with input from community members with experience on town boards and committees. Consultants from Comprehensive Environmental, Inc. oversaw the process.

Wade went on to explain that towns must update their OSRP every five years and provide town residents with a chance to weigh in on open space and recreation priorities. The process is helpful to the town in setting land acquisition priorities and keeping the town eligible for state grant funding.

Attendees were broken into three groups to work together on several exercises to prioritize open space and recreation goals, provide feedback on how resources were being used, and to brainstorm ways to improve them. The conversations were lively, as participants gathered around large town maps and quickly dotted the maps with Post-it suggestions.

Participant Lisa St. Amand commented, “It was fun and empowering to help put together an open space and recreation wishlist. The time flew as we brainstormed ideas to improve our opportunities for outdoor experiences.”

The forum ended with a question-and-answer session. Wade said the next step was to analyze the feedback from the forum and incorporate the information into the OSRP. His summary of the forum will be available on the Town Planner webpage on the Boxborough website.
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Recreation Commission News

BOXBOROUGH: Registration for Flerra Summer Playground starts April 23. The link to sign up will be available at on that date. This year, counselors and directors will be offered CPR and Red Cross Certification during their June 6  orientation. 

The Recreation Commission is working with the Boxborough Fire Department to provide defibrillators at Flerra and Liberty fields, and possibly for Fifer’s Day.

The Boxborough Recreation Commission will sponsor Spring Flag Football, led by Blanchard's gym teacher Rob Guilmette.  This program is open to fifth and sixth graders. It will run for six sessions, Tuesday afternoons from 3:20-4:30pm at the Blanchard playing fields. The first session will be on May 2, and the last on June 6. The cost per player is $20 for the whole program. Contact the Commission at if this fee is a hardship. This will be limited to 20 participants.

Spring Running Club is off to a great start. There are more than 80 students running every Wednesday at 8 a.m. with parent volunteers and gym teacher, Mr. Guilmette.

The next meeting of the Boxborough Recreation Commission will be April 25, 7pm, at Boxborough Town Hall.
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A Message from the Boxborough Community Services Coordinator

Boxborough Emergency Assistance Program: The Boxborough Emergency Assistance Program (BEAP) provides eligible households impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its lingering economic impacts with a financial assistance payment of up to $1,000 to help pay common household expenses such as rent, mortgages, utilities, other household fees, and medical and prescription expenses. Application forms and program guidelines explaining the income and asset limits for eligibility are available on the Town’s web site at Paper copies are also available at Town Hall and the Sargent Memorial Library.

Doli Atamian Campership Program: Are you beginning to think about camp and summer programs for your child/children? Are you concerned about affording a program? The Doli Atamian Campership Program is an all-volunteer organization raising funds to provide a camp or summer experience for children of low-income families in the Acton-Boxborough area. To learn more about their program and application process, go to or call Wendy Trinks at (978) 264-1735 for help with the application.

GIft Card Drive: Are you looking for a way to help support local families? Consider donating a gift card to the Community Services Department. Grocery and gas cards will be gladly accepted to support our neighbors in need. Please contact Wendy Trinks at (978) 264-1735 to arrange a donation.

Candidate Forum for Contested Races

BOXBOROUGH: The League of Women Voters – Acton Area will host a candidates forum for all Boxborough candidates in contested races ahead of the May 16 elections. The forum is free and open to the public. All candidates in contested races whose names appear on the ballot have been invited to participate. The forum will be held at Town Hall at 29 Middle Road on May 4 at 7pm. The forum will also be televised on Boxborough TV for viewing afterwards. 

Select Board (three-year term) two open seats:
  • John Markiewicz (incumbent)
  • Priya Sundaram
  • Kristin Hilberg

Select Board (one-year term) one open seat:
  • Keith Lyons
  • Dave McKiernan

School Committee (one-year term) two open seats:
  • Rick Barrett
  • Chad Childers
  • Lakshmi Kaja
  • Vikahm Parikh

Planning Board (three-year term) two open seats:
  • Mark Barbadoro (incumbent)
  • Cindy J. Markowitz (incumbent)
  • Richard A. Guzzardi

Leslie Hogan, Acton Area League membership and outreach chair, said “We want to give Boxborough voters an opportunity to learn about candidates and cast an informed vote on May 16, or by using a mail-in ballot.” 

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization that encourages informed and active participation in local, state, and national government. The League develops positions on issues but does not support or oppose candidates or political parties. It has a long tradition of providing important voter information services, such as this forum. Candidate questions for consideration may be sent to
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Next Week at Boxborough Town Hall

BOXBOROUGH: Below is a list of Boxborough’s board and committee meetings scheduled to take place the week of April 24-28. Note that the information is gathered a week or more in advance. Meetings can be added to the calendar up to 48 hours before the meeting. Meeting agendas are posted on the Town website at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Consult the calendar on the homepage of the Town website for meeting agendas and up-to-date meeting information. For meetings on Zoom, the link can be found on the agenda. 

Monday, April 24:
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC), 7 p.m., via Zoom
    • Update on holiday calendar
    • Update on survey
    • Future of DEIC
Tuesday, April 25:
  • Recreation Commission, 7 p.m., Boxborough Town Hall, 29 Middle Road
    • Run BXB follow-up
    • Flerra Summer Playground
    • Running Club program
    • Liberty Field update

2023 Boxborough Annual Town Meeting Preview 

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BOXBOROUGH: Boxborough voters are encouraged to attend the 2023 Boxborough Annual Town Meeting (ATM) starting at 7pm on May 8 at Blanchard Memorial School. The warrant is the ATM agenda, which will be posted to the town website, as well as town social media sites through and mailed to every household on April 20. Everyone is encouraged to review the warrant ahead of time to learn about what will be discussed and decided by the voters.

The ATM will include a brief Special Town Meeting (STM) embedded within the ATM on May 8, starting at 7:15pm to hear motions on five articles that address current year business.   

The ATM will then continue with brief reports from the Select Board, the Planning Board, and the AB School Committee. The report of the Finance Committee will be made under Article 5, the Town Operating Budget.

Voters will then decide to approve salaries for elected officials and to consider changes to the Personnel Administration Plan and the Plan’s Classification and Compensation Schedule.  

Article 5 will give residents the opportunity to vote on the proposed Town Operating Budget. Article 6 proposes the establishment of a Fall Town Meeting amendment of the General Bylaws. Article 7 requests funding the first year of collective bargaining agreements. Article 8 proposes additional staff for the Fire Department. Article 9 proposes funding for road maintenance.

The Select Board, in consultation with Town Counsel, the Moderator, and the Finance Committee, has placed the next 32 Articles on a Consent Agenda, believing these articles can be properly voted without debate. If any voter objects, individual articles can be removed from the Consent Agenda and be debated and voted separately. 

Among the consent articles are a request for $120,000 for cable services and equipment (Article 14), $150,000 for a new Department of Public Works backhoe (Article 20), $280,000 to remove underground fuel storage tanks and install new above-ground tanks (Article 21), and $175,000 to replace the roof of the Sargent Memorial Library (Article 31). 

Additional Articles to be discussed individually include Article 42 which considers a vote to accept Joyce Lane, Loring Avenue, and MacLeod Way as public town ways. Article 43 requests $310,000 in Community Preservation Act funds for the preservation of the Steele Farm House. Article 44 considers funding of the replacement of Fire Department Tender 65 (Tanker). Article 45 proposes an independent forensic accounting of the cost associated with the investigations of the Boxborough Police Department and the Chief(s) of Police.

Article 46 is a proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment to Section 4.2.2 concerning accessory apartments (also known as Accessory Dwelling Units). Article 47 is a proposed General Bylaw Amendment for a Tree Protection and Preservation Bylaw. 

Those attending Town Meeting are asked to bring non-perishable items for the Food Pantry. Especially needed are hot and cold cereals, hearty soups, dried or canned beans, canned meat and fish, rice, pasta and sauce, pasta, toilet paper, detergents, incontinence items, and diapers.
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Private Investigator Reports Available on Boxborough Town Website

BOXBOROUGH: Two reports from L’Italien Investigative Services dated February 8, 2023 and February 15, 2023 are now available on the Town of Boxborough website. The reports are addressed to Joseph Fair, Esq. of KP Law with the subject line, “Independent Investigation Boxborough Police Department Chief of Police Warren Ryder” and are signed by Paul J. L’Italien, Licensed Private Investigator. 

Learn about Proposed Research/Industrial Park at 1414 Massachusetts Avenue

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BOXBOROUGH: Lincoln Properties Company is proposing to construct three single-story, research/light manufacturing buildings, totaling 577,525 square feet, and 1,157 parking spaces, at their property at 1414 Massachusetts Avenue. The project will require extensive landscaping, stormwater management infrastructure, new on-site wells, expansion of an existing on-site wastewater treatment plant, and a new subsurface disposal area (leaching field).  Lincoln Properties has just filed a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The DEIR can be downloaded using this link: 

Comments on the DEIR can be made through the MEPA website comment portal: or you may email your comments to

If you would like to learn more about the proposed development, there will be a public information meeting on April 24 from 5:30-7pm. The meeting will be both in-person and online. The in-person session will be at Vibalogics, 1414 Massachusetts Avenue, in the conference room adjacent to the front door. RSVP to David Hewett at if you plan to attend. To participate remotely, click on the link below to receive the Zoom link:

At the meeting, Lincoln Properties will discuss the proposed project and provide an opportunity for those attending to ask questions and express their opinions.

Craft Food Halls Restaurant Coming to Boxborough 

BOXBOROUGH: A new restaurant is coming to Boxborough this fall. Craft Food Halls, a local chain specializing in office food service, is planning to open a 7,000 square foot space on the ground floor of 500 Beaver Brook Road, where the Cisco cafeteria used to be. The restaurant will offer indoor and outdoor dining, gaming areas, and patio fire pits. The menu will include pizza, burgers, tacos, steak, and salads. A key feature is that food will be prepared using the sous-vide method, which is a low-temperature, long-cooking-time method of cooking that is supposed to retain moisture and prevent over-cooking. 

Unlike typical sit-down service style restaurants, Craft Food Hall asks patrons to place their orders at the main counter; their names will be called when their meals are ready to be picked up. A unique feature of the new restaurant will be a beer wall, with 28 different draft beers. Diners will get a prepaid card at the counter and then go to the wall, insert the card, and serve themselves. Beer is charged by the ounce, with a maximum of 32 ounces per card.

Craft Food Halls plans to offer community events, such as live music and drive-in movies, on weekends at various times throughout the year. They currently operate restaurants in Boston, Lexington, Marlborough, Waltham and Wellesley.

AB Cares to Host May 6 Safer Homes, Safer Community Gun Buyback Program

BOXBOROUGH: AB Cares is once again partnering with the Acton and Boxborough Police Departments and the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office to host a gun buyback initiative on May 6 at the St. Matthew’s Methodist Church located at 435 Central Street in Acton. The event will run from 9am–noon. Individuals turning in unwanted firearms are asked to transport them to the site unloaded and in the trunk of their car. Ammunition will be accepted as well. No ID required, no questions asked, and each person turning in a firearm will have the option of receiving a gift card to a local grocery store. All firearms and ammunition will be handled by the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and will be destroyed by the Massachusetts State Police.

AB Cares is a community-based collaborative effort that seeks to prevent suicide and support all who are impacted by suicide. Click HERE for more information.
Hope at bat

ABRHS Baseball to host Hope at Bat Fundraiser to Support American Cancer Society

ACTON/BOXBOROUGH: For the second time post-Covid, the ABRHS Baseball Boosters Program is holding their cancer fundraising event now called "Hope at Bat" (formerly 'Coaches vs. Cancer'). The event will be held May 12 beginning at 5:30pm with concessions and entertainment, including special guests to sing the National Anthem and throw out a ceremonial first pitch. The Junior Varsity game will begin at 5:30pm and the Varsity game will begin at 6pm - both games are against Newton South, who will also be participating in Hope at Bat.

Each team will take this game to honor the lives lost to cancer, celebrate survivors, and support the caregivers who so selflessly help others.  We aim to raise awareness of those living with cancer, caring for those with cancer, and working to advance treatments and cures for the disease, as well as raise money for the American Cancer Society. For more information or to donate, click HERE or contact

See Boxborough's Treasures at Boxborough Museum April 16

BOXBOROUGH: The Boxborough Museum at 575 Middle Road will be open from 2pm-4pm on April 16. See Boxborough’s historic treasures including the 1850s scale which is sensitive enough to weigh a penny and strong enough to calibrate a 50 pound weight, the “new” hearse built in 1881, and the “old” hearse (come and see how old is old).  Admission is free and all are welcome. For more information, or if anyone wishes to arrange a private tour for a small group at a different time, please call John Fallon at (978) 264-0069.
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Boxborough Minutemen Patriots’ Day Activities 

BOXBOROUGH: On April 17, the Boxborough Minutemen Company will convene at 5:30am outside the Boxborough Museum, 575 Middle Road, to commemorate the events of the original Patriots’ Day. The Museum is located at the edge of Boxborough’s Old Town Center Historic District where some of the original Minutemen from Boxborough mustered on April 19, 1775.

The list of company officers is confirmed by a drumhead election. This is an old tradition whereby minutemen company members indicate their approval by tapping on the company bass drum. The company cannon is fired to announce that the company is ready to meet the enemy. There is a short march to Boxborough North Cemetery for a commemorative musket volley after which the names of men from Boxborough who joined in the battle on April 19, 1775 are read out.

At 6:20am, the Boxborough Company joins its comrades, the Acton Minutemen, at Acton town center for a three volley musket salute, after which both companies embark on the seven mile march on the Isaac Davis Trail to the North Bridge in Concord (arriving about 8:45am) for a skirmish against the British redcoats.

The Minutemen finish the day’s events with a parade through the center of Concord. 
For information, please contact Captain Tony Newton at, or (617) 448-5931.

Household Goods Donation Drive for Earth Day 

BOXBOROUGH: Earth Day is April 22. Donating your unwanted household items is a great way to help a family in need and recycle. Household Goods provides a full range of furniture and household items, free of charge, to help people in need make a home.  Pots and pans, towels, lamps, sheets, blankets, small rugs, etc. are always needed. Click for a list of items accepted and donation guidelines, or HERE. Donations are accepted at Household Goods (530 Main St, Acton) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9am-noon. 

Can’t get to Household Goods during these hours? The Boxborough DTC is sponsoring this drive and will be collecting small item donations (no large furniture) and delivering them to Household Goods on Earth Day. For more information, send an email to, visit them online or find them on Facebook.

Free Bee Market to Return May 20

BOXBOROUGH: The first Free Bee Market of 2023 will be a full food and community market with a focus on seedlings and launches next month on Saturday May 20. The smaller food-only Free Bee pop ups will continue most Saturdays at 30 Middle Road from May 20-October 28, 2023 from 10:30am to 12pm. For details on additional full Free Bee Market dates and other information, look for Free Bee on Facebook, Instagram and here in the Action Unlimited each week. Online, check out at the Free Bee Market website
or HERE, or get updated Free Bee news by signing up. Volunteers of all ages (including youth) sign up HERE.

Happening at the Junior High School

  • 8th Grade Dance - Parent Volunteers Needed. Volunteers are urgently needed to help plan the year-end 8th grade dance! The dance is scheduled for June 9 from 7-9pm. Please contact Lara Plaskon at if you are able to help with the planning.
  • Teen Self-Defense Seminar. Acton-Boxborough teens ages 13-19 are welcome to join Danny's Place and Concord Self-Defense Academy for this hands-on self-defense program. We recommend signing up as a pair, if possible, as there is a good amount of partner work during the seminar. April 26, from 7-9pm at ABRSD Administration Building Gym, 15 Charter Road, Acton. Cost: $30.
  • HS Math Club Offering Peer Tutoring. The high school club He(r) + Math is offering peer tutoring to all Jr. High and High School students on Friday afternoons in room 244W in the high school from 3-3:45pm. Each week, they have a short fun activity and then pair off for peer tutoring. Email if you have questions.
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Yard Waste Burning Now thru May 1

BOXBOROUGH: As spring is upon us, some residents will be turning to open burning to rid their yards of winter debris. Those who do so need to be aware of the regulations which include a requirement to register each day of burning with the fire department. This year's burning season runs until May 1. Burning is permitted between 10am and 4pm; however, burning is banned on days when air quality is deemed unacceptable (for example particularly dry and/or windy days) and fires would pose a danger. 

Material that may be burned includes brush, cane, driftwood, and forestry debris from other than commercial or industrial land clearing. Prohibited is burning of grass, hay, leaves, stumps, tires, construction materials, demolition debris, and household trash.

Residents must register with the Boxborough Fire Department each day they wish to burn. They may register online at (link only works on days burning is permitted) or by telephoning the fire department at (978) 264-1770. Additional information on burning policies, procedures and daily burn status appears at
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Next Week at Boxborough Town Hall

BOXBOROUGH: Below is a list of Boxborough’s board and committee meetings scheduled to take place the week of April 17-21. Note that the information is gathered a week or more in advance. Meetings can be added to the calendar up to 48 hours before the meeting. Meeting agendas are posted on the Town website up to 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Consult the calendar on the Town website for meeting agendas and up-to-date meeting information. For meetings on Zoom, the link to the meeting can be found on the agenda. 

Tuesday, April 18:
  • Finance Committee, 7:00 p.m., Boxborough Town Hall, 29 Middle Road (Hybrid)
    • Finalize presentation for ATM
    • Free Cash/budget line item transfers projections
    • Written procedures for using funds in other line items before requesting an RFT
    • Possible budget vote, waiting for the Voc school numbers
    • Query to Select Board re funding Chief Ryder's retirement and/or settlement
  • Zoning Board of Appeals, 7:30 p.m., via Zoom
    • ongoing sign special permit application for 650 Mass Ave (Pink Dog)
 Wednesday, April 19:
  • Conservation Commission, 7:30 p.m., Boxborough Town Hall, 29 Middle Road
    • Continued Notice of Intent (NOI) hearing for 100 Codman Hill Road
    • NOI hearing for septic system for 241 Depot Road

AB United Way "United We Run" for Mental Health

WEST ACTON: On May 13 starting at 10am will be the Acton-Boxborough United Way "United We Run" for Mental Health.  Moving together to move our community forward! All are welcome at this family-friendly run/walk event to support Acton-Boxborough United Way's mental health initiatives. Let's come together as a community (rain or shine!) and enjoy the power of connection.

Yankee Timing will be there to provide professional race timing to all participants, and medals will be awarded to the top finishers in each age group. But don’t let that intimidate you — you can go at any pace… run or walk, stroll with neighbors, or mingle with new friends. It’s all about having fun together!

Get the kids involved in giving back to the community with a One-Mile Fun Run! They'll be cheered along the route with bubbles and noisemakers. Free frisbees for all participants. Prizes for the fastest and most spirited!

Fabulous run t-shirts for the first 250 registered. Sign-up before April 15th to ensure you receive your preferred size. Register at
Fobl book sale 4 2 2023

Thank You for the Boxborough Book Sale

BOXBOROUGH: The Friends of the Boxborough Library would like to thank everyone who helped to make our recent book sale such a success. Thank you for donating such a wonderful selection of books. Thank you also for coming to the library to buy books.  Because of your support over 2,000 books found new homes and the Friends will continue to be able to provide the community with museum passes and exciting programs for both children and adults. A special thank you also to all who helped to sort and arrange all of the books!

icky Zhang and her child Jayden Xing examine their treasures.
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Boxborough Recreation Commission Gearing up for Flerra Summer Playground

BOXBOROUGH: The Boxborough Recreation Commission is gearing up for Flerra Summer Playground and is now accepting applications for volunteers, counselors-in-training, and counselors.   The program runs from July 5-28 from 8:15am-12:15pm.  Seeking:

  • Students entering grades 8 and 9 in the Fall, 2023.
  • Grade 8 students are required to volunteer for at least one week.
  • Grade 9 students are required to volunteer for at least two weeks.
  • Monday through Friday, 8:15am-12:15pm.

Counselors-in-Training (CIT)
  • Students entering grade 10 or who have not worked in the Flerra Summer Playground program.
  • Monday through Friday, 8:15am-12:15pm.

  • Students entering grade 11 or who have prior Flerra Summer Playground experience as a CIT.
  • Monday 8am-12:15pm, Tuesday-Friday, 8:15am-12:15pm.

Megan Connor, Chair of the Recreation Commission said, “The program offers qualified students a job for the summer and skills for a lifetime.” Applications are available on the Town Website at: Recreation Commission | Boxborough, MA (

Police Chief Ryder and Boxborough Select Board Reach Settlement Agreement 

BOXBOROUGH: On April 5, the Boxborough Select Board reached a settlement agreement with Police Chief Warren Ryder.  Chief Ryder has decided to retire and, as such, submitted a letter of resignation effective April 7 which was accepted by the Town.

Ryder will receive approximately $135,000 in severance, vacation, and past pay raises. He had been on leave since early 2022, following the Select Board’s request for the FBI to investigate issues within the department, including allegations of payroll discrepancies and improper disposal of equipment. The FBI eventually declined to pursue a criminal indictment. Full text of the agreement may be read at

Boxborough DTC to Sponsor Household Goods Donation Drive

BOXBOROUGH: Have you started your spring cleaning? The Boxborough Democratic Town Committee is organizing a donation drive for Household Goods in recognition of Earth Day (April 22). Household Goods provides a full range of furniture and household items, free of charge, to help people in need make a home. By donating, not only will you be helping a family in need, you will also ensure that your unwanted item doesn’t end up in the trash.

Pots and pans, towels, lamps, sheets, blankets, small rugs, etc. are always needed. Click here for a list of items accepted and donation guidelines, or click HERE. Donations are accepted at Household Goods on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am-noon. Can’t get to Household Goods during these hours? The Boxborough DTC will be collecting small item donations (no large furniture) and delivering to Household Goods on Earth Day. For more information, send an email to, click HERE, or find them on Facebook.
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Boxborough Select Board Meeting Recap - April 10, 2023

BOXBOROUGH: At their meeting on Monday, April 10, the Select Board:
  • Approved a settlement agreement with former chief of police, Warren Ryder, and announced his retirement effective Friday, April 7
  • Approved a 3-year, 3-month contract with Interim Police Chief John Szewczyk to serve as the new police chief
  • Ratified a 3-year contract with the firefighters’ union (Fire Local 4601) retroactive to July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2025
  • Approved a 3-year contract, with an option for a 4th year for DPW Director Ed Kukkula.
  • Conducted a hearing on a “nuisance dog” complaint. Voted to require the dog be muzzled and on a short leash when outside. Continued hearing until next Select Board meeting at which time the board will assess the owner’s compliance with the restrictions.
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Boxborough Finance Committee April 4 Meeting 

BOXBOROUGH: At its April 4 meeting, the Boxborough Finance Committee (FinCom) voted 4-1 to approve $11,094.88 in additional funds for legal expenses through a reserve fund transfer (RFT). Those expenses were over and above the $75,000 budget voted at annual town meeting in May 2022 and in addition to $30,000 previously approved through RFTs.  Year-to-date legal expenses total $105,000. One member questioned a $4,725 charge for general labor services which represented payments associated with a private investigator and labor attorney. Those who voted in favor of the RFT said the legal expenses were already incurred, and therefore, the bill should be paid. 

FinCom also voted 4-1 to approve a request for a RFT for a utilities bill for the library.  One member suggested that since there were funds available in other line items, the Library should use those funds before a RFT.  Chair Maria Neyland suggested that the committee memorialize this practice in writing to make sure all departments understand the procedures. 

Neyland reported that the town hired a treasurer/collector who will  begin work on May 1.

Neyland also reported that the Attorney General’s office found FinCom in violation of three open meeting law complaints due to the town’s failure to post a date on an amended agenda, and to the former interim town administrator’s failure to provide the complaints to the FinCom within the time required. Neyland said that the committee takes these violations seriously and is working with Town staff to ensure this does not happen in the future. 

In other news, FinCom:
  • Reviewed and updated its report for the warrant.
  • Reviewed and updated its presentation for the Annual Town Meeting. The presentation will be available on the Town’s website once it is finalized.
  • Discussed working with theTown accountant for a free cash projection for the Annual Town Meeting.
  • Discussed using all RFT funds before using year-end inter-departmental transfers. 
The next FinCom meeting is scheduled for April 18. The meeting is a hybrid meeting. 
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Open Space & Recreation Public Forum

BOXBOROUGH: The Boxborough Town Planner and the chairs of the Conservation Commission and Recreation Commission will be hosting a public forum on open space and recreation on April 12 from 7-8:30pm at Boxborough Town Hall, 29 Middle Road. Boxborough residents and members of the greater community of all ages are invited to discuss updates to the Town's Open Space and Recreation Plan. Parks and open space provide opportunities for fun and relaxation. From bike racks to signage, and even new spaces, this forum will give you a voice to help guide decision-making for the next several years.

Interpreters in Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Hindi will be available during the forum.

If you would like to participate or provide feedback, but cannot attend the forum, submit ideas and suggestions to the Town Planner, Alec Wade via email at, or visit during office hours from 5-6:30pm at Boxborough Town Hall on April 6, 10 or 13.

To review a draft of the plan, visit, and type OSRP into the Search bar.  If you have any questions, please contact the Town Planner at (978) 264-1723.

Holy Week at United Church of Christ

BOXBOROUGH: Holy Week at United Church of Christ in Boxborough:

Easter Sunrise - April 9, 6:15am (in person only) at North Cemetery, intersection of Hill and Middle Roads (Parking at Boxborough Museum). Practice the resurrection and welcome Easter morning!  Sing hymns and share communion, and flower the cross, a UCCB tradition. Please bring your own flower (ideally one for everyone in your party), to help weave gorgeous variety into the cross! Afterwards, all will enjoy breakfast and fellowship in the Gathering Room at the Church.
Easter Hybrid Worship - April 9, 9:30am.  All ages join together (in person or online) for worship full of celebration and joy.   Please note: Worship services are streamed live via Zoom and Facebook, and recorded for posting on YouTube. Facebook offers closed captioning (subtitles) for those who find that helpful. 

- Zoom link with Passcode embedded (cut and paste if necessary):
- Phone in: 929-205-6099, Meeting ID: 845 8688 4054, Passcode: 7387 

United Church of Christ Boxborough is located at 723 Massachusetts Avenue. For additional information, see or call (978) 263-7387.
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Next Week at Boxborough Town Hall

BOXBOROUGH: Below is a list of Boxborough’s board and committee meetings scheduled to take place the week of April 10-14. Note that the information is gathered a week or more in advance. Meetings can be added to the calendar up to 48 hours before the meeting. Meeting agendas are posted on the Town website up to 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Consult the calendar on the homepage of the Town website for meeting agendas and up-to-date meeting information. For meetings on Zoom, the link to the meeting can be found on the agenda. 

Monday, April 10: Select Board, 6pm via Zoom:
  • public hearing on the road acceptances for the 3 roads comprising Boxborough Meadows
  • vote on the DPW Director contract
  • vote to put on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant article allowing the Select Board to petition the state legislature for special legislation to allow Boxborough to obtain water from the Town of Littleton
  • discussion about the recruitment of a new Fire Chief
  • appointment of Cheryl Mahoney to Personnel Board
Thursday, April 13:
  • Board of Health, 7:30pm, Boxborough Town Hall, 29 Middle Road

Run BXB 5K to Support Blanchard Playground

BOXBOROUGH: On April 2, the Boxborough Recreation Commission is sponsoring Run BXB, a 5K road race to benefit the “new” Blanchard Playground. The race starts and ends at Steele Farm, 484 Middle Road. Registration begins at 11am, and the race begins at noon. After the race, join your neighbors at Steele Farm where True West will be selling beer and food; West Side Creamery will be selling ice cream; and Two Friends Chocolate will be selling their delicacies. Music and a balloon animal artist will provide entertainment. An entrance fee is requested as a donation of $25, $50, or $100 to “Blanchard PTF.” The race will be chip timed, and runners, joggers, and walkers are welcome. Registration forms can be found online. The Recreation Commission is also looking for volunteers to help out at this event. To volunteer or for further information, email
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Boxborough Library Spring Used Book Sale

BOXBOROUGH: By popular demand, the Friends of the Boxborough Library Used Book Sale will continue as a 3-day event. The weekend will start with a Friends' preview sale, March 31 from 5-7pm. Friends memberships will be available at the door.  The main public sale will take place on April 1 from 9am-2pm. The Everything Must Go sale will be held on April 2 from 2-4pm.  Bags will be provided; pay $2 to fill each bag. All will take place in the Sargent Memorial Library, 427 Massachusetts Avenue. Proceeds from the sale support library programs and museum passes. Payment must be by cash or check. Please support this sale by donating your gently used hard covers, paperbacks, and audiovisual items and by attending this sale. Please, donate no VCR tapes or magazines or any material in poor condition. Books will be accepted at the library from March 27-30 during regular library hours.
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Renew your Boxborough Dog License!

BOXBOROUGH: The deadline to renew dog licenses is April 1. You can do so in person to the Town Clerk’s Office, apply online via the Online Payment Portal or download a Dog License Application (pdf) from the Town Clerk’s webpage and mail it in. Please note that after April 1, a $25 per dog late fee will be imposed. After May 1, the late fee rises to $50 per dog. Anyone who has not re-licensed their dog(s) by June 1 will be subject to a $100 late fee per dog and will have their names turned over to Ayer District Court by the Animal Control Officer.

The Boxborough Finance Committee Completes Work on the Fiscal Year 2024 Operating Budget

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BOXBOROUGH: The Boxborough Finance Committee has completed its work on the Fiscal Year 2024 operating budget to be presented at Annual Town Meeting which starts at 7pm on May 8 at Blanchard School. Boxborough registered voters who attend Annual Town Meeting vote on the budget.

This year’s budget represents an increase of 4.8%.  Education, including the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District assessment and vocational technical education, accounts for 55% of the annual budget.  The remaining 45% of the budget funds Town Government, including Police, Fire, Town Hall, the Department of Public Works and the Library.  The non-education portion of the budget also funds employee and pension benefits, debt service, insurance and the reserve fund.  

Maria Neyland, Chair of the Finance Committee said, “This year’s budget ensures fairness to taxpayers and meets the needs of the town without sacrificing essential services.”

At the recommendation of Michael Johns, Town Administrator, the Finance Committee agreed to reorganize and streamline several smaller budgets.  Utilities, maintenance, landscaping, and Steele Farm were moved into a single budget.  The only exception was Hager Well, which serves Blanchard School, a part of the Acton-Boxborough Regional School District.   

Neyland said, “The budget process was efficient and seamless, thanks in large part to a strong working relationship with the Town Administrator.”     

The Finance Committee meets every Tuesday during the budgeting season leading up to the Annual Town Meeting.  All members of the public are encouraged to attend FinCom meetings.  Agendas are posted on the Town’s website. Agenda Center • Boxborough, MA • CivicEngage (

Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley Awards Scholarships to Local Students for Upcoming (RYLA) Conference in June

The Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley announced that it has awarded scholarships to this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Conference to be held in June. The lucky scholarship winners are Nevaeh Duplessis, Vincenzo Porfino, Riley Dinjian and Madison Oxnard.

Robert Johnson, local Committee Chairperson, said that the chosen students will be among the more than 150 Massachusetts high school sophomores who will attend the RYLA Conference. Aimed at developing the leadership potential of young men and women, the conference will feature many thought-provoking events including interactive Leadership Labs, exciting guest speakers, and challenging mental and physical activities that will provide the participants with a chance to excel amongst and with their peers. Topics will include decision-making, critical thinking, communicating effectively, ethics, and public service. To be chosen, the candidates needed to qualify by showing leadership potential and good citizenship characteristics and showing a strong desire to attend and benefit from the conference. Additionally, in their individual interviews, they needed to stand out from the other applicants.

Congratulations from the Rotary Club of Nashoba Valley to this year’s scholarship winners and their families! Anyone interested in obtaining further information should visit or contact
Robert Johnson at, (978) 875-3143 or any other member of the Nashoba Valley Rotary Club.
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Open Table Benefits from Local Rotarians' Grant Funding & Donation Drive

Open Table is benefitting from local Rotarians’ grant funding and donation drive. The Maynard-based charity is dedicated to fighting hunger and building healthy communities in 21 local communities, including Acton, Boxborough, Concord, and Maynard. Open Table’s mission is to end hunger by providing healthy food in ways that respect the dignity and diversity of the people it serves.

"We are so grateful for this partnership with the Rotary Club of Concord and the Rotary Club of Acton-Boxborough," states Alexandra DePalo, executive director of Open Table. "Many of the individuals and families we serve need the personal-care items that these clubs will collect. This initiative will have a major positive impact on so many members of our community."

The Concord and Acton-Boxborough clubs have partnered to provide a total of $5,000 in Rotary grant funding to Open Table. The two clubs are also conducting a donation drive to provide Open Table with personal-care items are not covered by the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as SNAP.  They are seeking donations from the general public of the following five sets of personal-care items:

- Diapers: Sizes 3, 4, 5, and 6. Each month, Open Table needs 260 each of these sizes. The largest box of any brand in those sizes will be great because Open Table needs two (2) boxes of each size per month.
- Baby Wipes – Standard Size: 24 to 36 packets per month.
- Laundry Detergent and Dish Soap: 400 units per month.
- Toothpaste and Shampoo: 400 units per month.

Here, alphabetically, are Concord’s and Maynard’s nine donation-bin locations:

- Action Unlimited, 100 Domino Dr., Concord
- Coldwell Banker, 11 Main Street, Concord
- Concord Teacakes, 59 Commonwealth Ave., Concord
- Frame-ables, 111 Thoreau St., Concord
- Keller Williams Realty Boston Northwest, 200 Baker Ave. Suite 205, Concord
- Middlesex Bank, 64 Main St., Concord
- Minute Man Arc Early Intervention, 1269 Main St., Concord
- Spirits Liquor Store, Maynard Crossing, 4 Digital Way, Suite 3,  Maynard (next to
Market Basket)
- The Thoreau Club, 275 Forest Ridge Rd., Concord

And here, alphabetically, are Acton’s and Boxborough’s seven donation-bin locations:

- Boxborough Liquors & Convenience, 1233 Massachusetts Ave., Boxborough
- Citizens Bank, Gould’s Plaza, 270 Great Rd., Acton
- Donelan's Supermarket, Gould’s Plaza, 248 Great Rd., Acton
- Extra Steps Pediatric Therapies, 222 Main St., Acton
- Gould’s Clothing, Gould's Plaza, 260 Great Rd., Acton
- Roche Brothers Supermarket, 387 Massachusetts Ave., Acton
- Stop & Shop Supermarket, Powder Mill Plaza, 100 Powder Mill Rd., Acton

Members of both the Rotary Club of Concord and the Rotary Club of Acton-Boxborough are "People of Action" in "Service above Self" - both locally and worldwide. To learn more, visit and For additional information, contact Acton-Boxborough President Steve Jones-D'Agostino at either or email the Concord at

Boxborough Elections

BOXBOROUGH: Have you ever thought about running for a Town elected office? If so, check out the Boxborough Town Clerk and the League of Women Voters – Acton Area websites. Everything you need to participate in local elections as a voter or as a candidate is there. The League website features videos with advice from former candidates and candidate checklists. Explore the links below to learn about open positions in Boxborough and key dates for voter registration, elections and Town Meeting. Boxborough has vacancies for skilled and engaged citizens like you!

Deadline for pulling nomination papers: March 24, 2023
Last day to submit nomination papers: March 28, 2023
Open Positions (Position, # pos, Term)

Select Board, 2, 3-year term
Select Board, 1, 1-year term
School Committee, 2, 3-year term
Planning Board, 2, 3-year term
Library Trustees, 2, 3-year term
Board of Health, 1, 3-year term
Constable, 0, 3-year term
Town Moderator, 1, 1-year term
Town Clerk, 0, 3-year term

League of Women Voters Election Resources:

Boxborough Website:

“Boxborough Bill” Celebration Held

BOXBOROUGH: About 80 people gathered recently at Boxborough’s Sargent Memorial Library, to celebrate passage of the “Boxborough Bill,” legislation allowing the town to qualify as a Green Community. Boxborough Sustainability Committee Chair Francie Nolde welcomed everyone to the event and thanked State Sen. Jamie Eldridge and State Rep. Dan Sena for initiating and supporting the bill, which Governor Charlie Baker signed last October.

Nolde explained that the bill, which Sen. Eldridge dubbed the “Boxborough Bill,” now allows the town to vote at annual town meeting, May 8-11, to qualify to apply for grants to improve energy conservation in town buildings and vehicles. Voters will be asked if they will accept an annual electric surcharge of an average of $5.04 per household to add to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center which joins other state funds to pay for the program. Residents may ask questions about the article and the next steps the town must take to becoming a Green Community at an open, virtual forum on April 11 at 7pm. The Sustainability Committee will provide a Zoom link and details soon.

Nolde added, “We have already met three of five criteria needed to join 290 of the state’s 351 municipalities as Green Communities. Upon meeting those criteria, we will receive an estimated $130,000 to improve energy efficiency.” She also asked citizens to go to to “find many opportunities to improve your carbon footprint.”

Sen. Eldridge thanked the Sustainability Committee, and all Boxborough people working to improve energy efficiency, for “coming together” to encourage Rep. Sena and Sen. Eldridge to create a bill making it possible for towns like Boxborough, to become Green. He explained that because Boxborough is served exclusively by a municipal (consumer financed) light company, with not even one home connected to a public (investor owned) electric company, the town could not apply for state grants. The “Boxborough Bill” removed that restriction, and Sen. Eldridge emphasized that the bipartisan support for the bill on Beacon Hill proved “we can accomplish much by working together.”

Rep. Sena thanked the Sustainability Committee and everyone present for contributing to the effort. He said, “Boxborough is leading in many ways to fight climate change.” 

Attending the event to talk with residents were Peishan Bartley, Sargent Library Director; Bryon Clemence, Water Resources Committee; Kate Davies, Sustainability Committee; Heather Fleming, FreeBee Market co-founder; Rita Grossman, Boxborough Conservation Trust President; Marjorie Kamp, 2040 Book Club founder; Liz Markiewicz, Conservation Commission Chair; and Rebecca Verner, Planning Board. Francie Nolde expressed gratitude to Energy New England’s chief strategy officer, Vin Ragucci, and Littleton Electric Light Company general manager Nick Lawler and his team for their work on the Boxborough Bill. 

Because he could not attend the celebration, Ragucci wrote, “Thanks to the effort of Sen. Eldridge and Rep. Sena, the bill made its way from three separate bills … to a final bill … signed by Gov. Baker. This is a huge accomplishment and shows that with teamwork, we can make just about anything happen!”

Nolde also thanked library director Bartley “for opening Sargent Library for us on a night when it is usually closed.”  Boxborough Fire Police Chief Paul Fillebrown estimated the attendance at 80 and expressed enthusiasm for the size and the “glow” of the gathering.
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BCTrust Annual Meeting: Conservation & Stewardship at Mount Auburn Cemetery

BOXBOROUGH: You may have seen marathoner Dave Barnett out running the streets of Boxborough, but now you can find out what else he’s been up to for nearly three decades before recently retiring. Boxborough Conservation Trust is excited to announce that new Board Member, and long-time Boxborough resident, Dave Barnett will be the speaker at BCT’s Annual Meeting on March 21 at 7pm at the Sargent Memorial Library. All are welcome to join this free event, the first of several that will celebrate BCTrust’s 25th Anniversary this year!

As President & CEO Emeritus, Dave Barnett spent 28 years at Mount Auburn leading a transition to more ecologically friendly landscape design and maintenance practices on this 175-acre site in Cambridge/Watertown. A primary focus of Dave’s presentation will be the restoration of a four-acre portion of the cemetery to the New England woodland that was eloquently described at the founding of Mount Auburn in 1831. Phased over 25 years, this project included the removal of Norway maples and other invasive species and the planting of several thousand plants native to New England, comprising 120 species of trees, shrubs and woodland groundcovers. With a vernal pool in the center of this woodland, preserving the habitat for the significant population of Spotted salamanders was a key focus. The project also included the successful re-introduction of American toads, Gray tree frogs and Spring peepers – which had all disappeared from Mount Auburn due to past “cemetery maintenance” practices.

Dave will also share examples of other smaller-scale projects, ranging from a butterfly/pollinator garden to the replacement of turf with native species of groundcovers to the planting of bird-attracting trees and shrubs. Images from Dave’s own property in Boxborough will attempt to reiterate what last year’s annual meeting speaker, Doug Tallamy, told us about how all of us individually can “bring nature home” and make a difference in making the earth more resilient and wildlife friendly.

AB Skate Hosts FUNdraiser

BOXBOROUGH: AB Skate's Community Skate FUNdraiser is back on the ICE for 2023! Join in the fun on March 5 from 2pm-4pm at Nashoba Valley Olympia Rink (rink #3) Route 111. Suggested donation: $20/family, $5/pp.  All are welcome - skaters and non-skating supporters. NEW this year, teen volunteers from the Colonial Figure Skating Club will be on hand to help guide new skaters! Skate rentals are available.

This event supports local area food pantries, local STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) activities, community wellness and eco causes. This year a special donation will be made toward the building & furnishing of a house in Acton for a local disabled veteran project

Wear YELLOW to Celebrate the Kindness of Carrol Spinney (Acton High Class of 1951) aka ‘Big Bird’. Please bring non-perishable items for the Acton food pantry and small size personal or household items for local families.

ALL proceeds donated thanks to generous donation of ice time by Nashoba Valley Olympia and support from many local community & businesses supporters. For more information, visit, or email or

Acton Police & Law Enforcement Partners to Step Up Traffic Enforcement on Route 2A

ACTON: Interim Chief James Cogan reports that the Acton Police Department is urging drivers to slow down and use caution in the area of Route 2A as the police department and law enforcement partners are planning high visibility traffic patrols. In response to several serious crashes in the area recently, Acton Police are planning to conduct high visibility traffic patrols along the length of Route 2A through town, and have asked the Massachusetts State Police Community Action Team to assist.  State Police Community Action Teams respond to hot spots to assist with patrols and traffic enforcement when needed. Acton Police have requested their assistance with this initiative.

"We have responded to several serious motor vehicle crashes along the length of Route 2A in town and we are aware that residents have safety concerns about the road," said Interim Chief Cogan. "We share those concerns, and will be responding with additional high visibility patrols aimed at getting the word out that Route 2A is being watched and that drivers must obey the laws while travelling through Acton."

Efforts to maintain a high visibility presence in the area of Route 2A are expected to continue for several months.

Interim Chief Cogan is also reminding drivers to obey state law regarding the hand held use of cellular phones and other electronic devices, as distracted driving is a frequent contributor to serious motor vehicle crashes. Officers patrolling the Route 2A area will be on the lookout for those who are violating state law regarding the use of hand held electronic devices while driving.

"Our patrols will be aimed at improving safety along the Route 2A corridor, so I would also like to encourage cyclists and pedestrians in the area to take safety precautions as well, including wearing reflective clothing if out biking or walking at night," said Interim Chief Cogan.

Acton's 3rd Graders Look Up New Words Thanks to Local Rotarians

ACTON: Acton's third-grade students are learning the definitions of new words thanks to local Rotarians. The Rotary Club of Acton-Boxborough has donated a total of more than 370 personalized dictionaries to the town's six elementary schools. Under the service-above-self leadership of Past President Marvin Gould, the Acton-Boxborough Club has delivered a total of 16 boxes of dictionaries to the schools. Each dictionary is labeled with the student’s name.

Special thanks to these Acton-Boxborough Rotarians - alphabetically by last name - who made the dictionary deliveries:

- Past President Marianne Fleckner: three classes at the McCarthy-Towne school.
- Past President Marvin Gould and his granddaughter, Kinsley Kline: three classes at the Douglas school.
- President Steve Jones-D’Agostino: three classes at the Conant school.
- Sergeant at Arms Maureen Masciola and Carla Stover: three classes at the Merriam school.
- President-Elect Dean Roberts: two classes at the Gates school.
- Past President Ann Sorvari and Member Johann Sorvari: three classes at the Blanchard school.

For more information about the dictionary donations, contact Past President Marvin Gould at or (978) 758-0362. For more information about the Acton-Boxborough Club, contact President Steve Jones-D'Agostino at or (508) 930-8675.

PHOTO: Nancy Auger & Gina Lemieux, third-grade teachers at Luther Conant School, posing with two of the donated dictionaries.
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Find Out about Affordable, Reliable, Clean 21st Century Nuclear Energy

The climate crisis is no longer hypothetical. It has arrived. The fastest way to de-carbonize the planet and reduce use of fossil fuels is to incorporate more nuclear energy into the regional power grid. Energy educators are offering free public talks to groups of all kinds – schools, libraries, religious communities, as well as civic, service and environmental organizations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire and Maine and northeastern Connecticut. 

Learn about modern safety procedures, the science and enormous power of uranium and thorium as a 21st century solution to meet the escalating world demand for electricity. Examine the fears underlying discussions of nuclear operations, waste and safety. Find out how modern nuclear reactors feed regional power grids with clean energy 24/7, and how other countries are developing this dense low-carbon energy source. Explore Eco-Nuclear Solutions, a non-partisan, volunteer, grassroots group of scientists, educators and environmentalists at To reserve a date to explore the potential of nuclear power, contact

The one-hour presentation is an introduction to nuclear energy and how it benefits the planet and the world’s people. Access to reliable affordable electricity is a gateway out of poverty, which typically leads to lower birth rates. Nuclear power is experiencing a renaissance as one of the most reliable, affordable and zero-carbon sources of electricity that requires minimal land. It is the only electricity generating technology that sequesters  and/or safely disposes of all byproducts which, along with its demonstrated reliability, makes it a rockstar to provide energy, the lifeblood of the world. The Seabrook, NH and Millstone, CT, nuclear plants provide 20% of electricity to the New England grid. Scientists and activists will share data, stories, slides and videos about the world’s drive for reliable, affordable and clean energy.

The team includes: David Butz, a self-educated living encyclopedia of nuclear energy, past, present and future; Carolyn McCreary, Ph.D, who served two terms on the Ayer Select Board and led the town to become a Green Community; Dale Levandier, Ph.D., a chemist with knowledge of nuclear physics; and other scientists and environmental activists.

ACT Hosts Understanding Ticks Seminar

ACTON: Love the outdoors, but worry about ticks? Learn more about ticks, how they operate and affect us and what we can do to protect ourselves from the diseases they spread. Acton Conservation Trust is sponsoring Understanding Ticks: Strategy, Habitat, Ecology and Conservation on March 1 from 7-8:30pm at Acton Town Hall, Room 204 or virtual via Zoom:
- Understanding and Preventing Tick Borne Diseases. Susan Rask, Former Concord Public Health Director, and Tricia McGean, Public Health Nurse for Lincoln and Carlisle, present tick facts and life-cycle information, tick-borne diseases in Massachusetts, practical prevention strategies and tick ecology.
- Deer overpopulation: How it affects tick population & forest health. The relationship between deer overpopulation and tick populations is complex.  Michele Grzenda, Lincoln’s Conservation Director will give us a brief overview on how eastern Massachusetts’s deer population has changed over time. She’ll also review the impacts deer have on forest health and the relationship between deer and deer ticks.

More information and registration is available online at 

Show the Love: Donate Personal Care via The Rotary Club

CONCORD: The Rotary Club of Concord in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Acton is spearheading a donation drive for personal care items for Open Table Food Pantry. The following items are not covered by SNAP/food support programs so Open Table must purchase them for the individuals and families they serve. The following items are being collected: Diaper Sizes:  3, 4, 5, 6, Baby Wipes, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Toothpaste, Shampoo. Items can be dropped off at any of the following LOCATIONS:
  • Action Unlimited, 100 Domino Dr., W. Concord
  • Coldwell Banker, 11 Main Street, Concord
  • Frame-ables, 111 Thoreau St, Concord (Open 10-4, Tues-Sat.)
  • Middlesex Bank, 64 Main St., Concord
  • Minuteman Arc, 35 Forest Ridge Road and 1269 Main St., W. Concord
  • Keller Williams, 200 Baker Ave. Suite 205, Concord
  • Enterprise Bank, 340 Great Rd., ACTON
The Rotary Club of Concord has a long-standing partnership with Open Table which supports food insecure households in 21 communities. Club members volunteer to help transport locally grown vegetables and grocery items and prepare meals for delivery and curbside pick-up.

The Concord Rotary Club is an active group of volunteers who raise money each year for scholarships for local students including sending 10 sophomore high school students to a Rotary sponsored Leadership weekend. Club members also volunteer their time in the community including: the Assabet Valley Boys and Girls Club, building beds for children who do not have beds, working with Habitat for Humanity and holding community events. The Club sponsors a Rotary Interact Club at the high school and Early Act clubs at Concord and Carlisle middle schools. In the past the Club has donated funds for Concord center war memorials, the USS Concord Bell Park and the beautiful tree for the Concord holiday tree lighting.

Rotary International is a service organization with a global network of 1.4 million members taking ACTION to provide clean water and sanitation, fight disease and hunger, support education and mothers and children and grow local economies. Rotary is a leader in working to eradicate polio worldwide. Responding to the war in Ukraine, Rotary International raised $15 million for humanitarian relief which was distributed in the form of disaster response grants. Rotarians continue to provide help in Ukraine through grants from the Rotary Foundation. Interested in learning more about the Rotary Club of Concord? Visit for more information.

Life Care Center of Acton Earns Medicare’s 5-star Rating

ACTON: Life Care Center of Acton, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility, recently earned a 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The rating system for CMS is designed to help people choose the best care for loved ones. The ratings are based on associates, health inspections and quality measures such as weight loss, falls and pain management.
“It’s a great feeling, having your facility awarded the Five Stars Overall,” said Christopher Foye, executive director. “Our staff works so hard to care for our residents every day, [and this is] a great way to recognize their dedication and hard work. I am really proud of my staff and how hard they work every day to keep our residents happy and healthy.”

Located at 1 Great Road, Life Care Center of Acton is one of 15 skilled nursing and rehab facilities in Massachusetts managed by Life Care Centers of America. Founded in 1976, Life Care is a nationwide health care company. With headquarters in Cleveland, Tennessee, Life Care manages nearly 200 skilled nursing, post-acute and Alzheimer’s centers in 27 states. For more information about Life Care, visit

“Animals Around Us” by Sue Kim opens February 15 at 6 Bridges Gallery

02 kim coyote
MAYNARD: 6 Bridges Gallery, 77 Main Street, is pleased to present “Animals Around Us” by Sue Kim, photographs exploring the expressiveness and wonder of some of the creatures with which we share this planet. This exhibit will be on display February 15 - April 1, 2023, with a reception on March 25th, 2-4pm. For more information, please visit, and
Kim says, “Planet Earth is home to so many more individual creatures than we can possibly fathom. Demographers with the United Nations designated November 15, 2022 as the approximate day when our world’s human population reached eight billion. Now consider that in 2011, biodiversity experts estimated the total number of animal species on the planet to be roughly 7.7 million. Species. Not individual animals. 7.7 million species. This world is so much bigger than ourselves.”
Nature photographer Sue Kim strives to be a compassionate and respectful observer of our natural world. In “Animals Around Us,” she presents photographs of creatures found in environments familiar to us all, including forests, waterways, backyards, zoos, shelters and wildlife refuges. It is a small sampling of the vastly diverse population of non-humans living among us, sharing our planet.  Kim is a multi-passionate artist who works variously as a photographer, mixed media artist, writer, stage director, producer, choreographer and dramaturg.
6 Bridges Gallery was established in 2014 by artists seeking to create a retail and display gallery in the heart of downtown Maynard. The ever-changing work in the gallery includes a diverse range of media and artistic styles. All artisans are local; many — including our founding members — are residents of the ArtSpace Maynard studios. The gallery is owned and operated by the artists, so there is a unique opportunity to meet one or more of them on any given day.

GLCF Seeks Request for Proposals for 2023 Discretionary Grant Cycles

Glcf23 discretionary 1
LOWELL: The Greater Lowell Community Foundation will open its 2023 Discretionary Grant Cycles on February 1 and is seeking requests for proposals from nonprofit organizations. The Foundation will award $200,000 through the Discretionary Grant Cycle. Nonprofit organizations serving the communities of Acton, Ashby, Ayer, Bedford, Billerica, Burlington, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Dunstable, Groton, Littleton, Lowell, Pepperell, Shirley, Tewksbury, Townsend, Tyngsboro, Westford, and Wilmington are invited to apply.

Grant funding from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation’s 2023 Discretionary Grants Program includes the following strategic funding categories:
  • Racial Equity and Inclusion (details below) - The Foundation will award multiple grants of up to $15,000 that focus on racial equity and inclusion. The grant funding should focus on one or more of the following goals:
    • Increase understanding of our community’s challenges with racial equity and race relations
    • Provide access to stories and diverse perspectives on the lived experience of racial inequity in Greater Lowell
    • Strengthen relationships among Greater Lowell residents, particularly across racial and ethnic groups
    •  Increase awareness of resources and best practices related to advancing racial equity
  • Leclair Elder Services - The Foundation will award five grants at $7,000 each to organizations that support services to seniors (55 years+) in our service area.
  • Children’s Services - This year, thanks to the generosity of our donors, GLCF will award seven grants at $7,500 each to projects that support services for children. The Foundation welcomes proposals that improve the quality of life for children and young adults (birth to age 22.)
Grant applications must be submitted by noon on March 3, 2023. Grant recipients will be announced in May. More information is available online at

For more information about the grant process, contact Sharon, GLCF Grants Coordinator with any questions at

PHOTO: Clarendon Early Education Services received a 2022 Discretionary Children’s Grant to support their Comfort Kits for Foster Kids.

Girl Scout Cookie Season is in Full Swing in Acton

ACTON: The Girl Scout Cookie Season is in full swing and hopefully you have been able to get your favorite cookies from a local cookie booth or from a scout taking your order with a smile from your doorstep. With every cookie purchase, you’re supporting Girl Scouts’ ability to learn, grow, and thrive through all of life’s adventures. Plus, all proceeds stay local to help fund life-changing, girl-led programs, experiences, and learning all year long in our area. This is just some of the activities the Acton Boxborough Girl Scouts have initiated in the last year.
  • Run Food Drives or shopped specifically for the local food pantries
  • Made and donated specific packs for children (food, art and school supplies)
  • Provided Christmas gifts and meals for individual families 'matched' through local charities
  • Made Holiday Gift Bags for nursing home residents
  • A regular commitment to supply brownies for community suppers
  • Worked with the town to clean up brush in the Arboretum
  • Donated to the Children’s Hospital
  • Funded healthy meals for the nurses at Emerson Hospital

The scouts have also used the funds raised through the cookie program to support their interests and develop new skills including:
  • Robotics
  • Astronomy
  • Cooking
  • Horseback riding
  • Conservation
  • Camping
  • Rock Climbing
  • First Aid

As Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs learning essential life skills every step of the way, girls are also transformed into bold and brave leaders who will make the world a better place today and in the future. If you would like to support the Girl Scouts and prefer a direct shipment of cookies, the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts is subsidizing 50% of the shipping costs for orders between 9-12 packages from February 1 to March 10, 2023.

The link to support all Acton Boxborough Troops is and all proceeds will be distributed across the local Girl Scout Troops. Please contact for more information.